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21-06-24 (03:27)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Kingdom of the Blind - Review: How Many Gold Star Players Are There? (Spoiler TV)
20-06-24 (19:51)   Forget Seinfeld: Jason Alexander's Criminal Minds Role Made Twitter Explode (Looper)
20-06-24 (17:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Episode 4 Review - Kingdom of the Blind (TV Fanatic)
18-06-24 (11:44)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Episode 2.04 - Kingdom of the Blind - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
16-06-24 (02:14)   Paget Brewster Revealed A Supportive Text From Pal Shemar Moore, And My Criminal Minds-Loving Heart Is So Full (Cinemabled)
14-06-24 (23:45)   After Criminal Minds: Evolution's Upsetting Reveal For JJ, I Totally Get A.J. Cook's Comments About 'Mind-Bending' Stakes Now (Cinemabled)
14-06-24 (22:03)   Will a Criminal Minds Absence Be Glaring? Who Is Doctor Who's Rogue? Did Sweet Tooth Hero Survive? Did Walker Twist Devastate? More TV Qs! (TVLine)
13-06-24 (19:14)   'I Personally Enjoy It': After S.W.A.T. Went On A Cancel And Renew Rollercoaster, CBS President Talks Shemar Moore And Making Those Decisions (Cinemabled)
13-06-24 (17:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Episode 3 Review - Homesick (TV Fanatic)
13-06-24 (12:44)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Episode 2.03 - Homesick - Promotional Photos (Spoiler TV)
12-06-24 (23:42)   'Criminal Minds' Profiling Technique Isn't Just a Gimmick (Collider)
12-06-24 (03:14)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Zach Gilford Shared His Unexpected Take On Voit's Crimes, And Adam Rodriguez And Kirsten Vangsness Had A Hilarious Response (Cinemabled)
11-06-24 (03:13)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Gold Star | Contagion - Review: Uhh.. Alvez, You Alright? (Spoiler TV)
08-06-24 (18:03)   The Low-Tech Secret to Criminal Minds' 'Ghost Voit' Gimmick — Plus, How Can Rossi Shake the Spectre? (TVLine)
08-06-24 (01:28)   'He's Got Some Trust Issues': 'Criminal Minds: Evolution's' Ryan-James Hatanaka Addresses Tyler's Return To The BAU And Relationship Status With Garcia (Cinemabled)
07-06-24 (16:59)   Criminal Minds Finally Got To Film A Scene For Paramount+ The Show Had Been Pitching To CBS 'For Years' (Cinemabled)
07-06-24 (16:03)   Mandy Patinkin Boards Ivan Cash Documentary 'The Ever Curious Man' As Executive Producer (Deadline.com)
06-06-24 (23:20)   Criminal Minds' Adam Rodriguez Talks Aftermath of Episode 2: What Voit Whispered Leads to a 'Really Tough Moment for [Spoiler]' (TVLine)
06-06-24 (21:14)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Come Out? (TheWrap.com)
06-06-24 (18:20)   Criminal Minds Boss on the Episode 1 Scene That Took 10+ Years to Make Happen: 'It Just Feels So Real to Me' (TVLine)
06-06-24 (17:12)   Criminal Minds Evolution Season Premiere Review: What is Gold Star? (TV Fanatic)
06-06-24 (16:00)   Criminal Minds: Evolution: Season Three; Paramount+ Sequel Series Gets an Early Renewal (TVSeriesfinale.com)
06-06-24 (14:13)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Season 2 - Open Discussion + Poll (Spoiler TV)
06-06-24 (00:03)   How to Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Online for Less With Limited-Time Streaming Deal (TVLine)
05-06-24 (19:57)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Renewed For Third Season at Paramount+ (TV Fanatic)
05-06-24 (18:27)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Renewed for a 3rd season at Paramount + (Spoiler TV)
05-06-24 (17:28)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Gets a Big Update Ahead of Season 2 (Collider)
05-06-24 (17:03)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Renewed For Season 3 By Paramount+ (Deadline.com)
05-06-24 (16:41)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Renewed for Season 3 at Paramount+ Ahead of Season 2 Premiere (Variety)
05-06-24 (16:34)   Criminal Minds Scores Early Renewal Ahead of Season 17 Premiere (TVLine)
05-06-24 (16:33)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Nabs Early Season 3 Pickup at Paramount+ (Hollywood Reporter)
05-06-24 (15:13)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Episode 2.02 - Contagion - Promotional Photos (Spoiler TV)
05-06-24 (14:13)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Episode 2.01 - Gold Star - Promotional Photos (Spoiler TV)
05-06-24 (01:42)   Heres When You Can Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 (Collider)
03-06-24 (11:59)   Why Is Criminal Minds: Evolution Diving Into A Workplace Romance When The Original Series Never Did? (Cinemabled)
02-06-24 (19:13)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Season 2 - Official Promo (Spoiler TV)
01-06-24 (20:28)   'Criminal Minds' Best Relationship Doesn't Need To Be Romantic (Collider)
29-05-24 (18:59)   What Does Voit Have in Store For the BAU in 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2? (Collider)
29-05-24 (17:59)   Here's What's Coming For Emily Prentiss in 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 (Collider)
29-05-24 (17:59)   Here's How 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Plans to Address Josh Stewart's Exit (Collider)
29-05-24 (17:42)   Could Shemar Moore Return as Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Collider)
28-05-24 (22:03)   Criminal Minds Boss Talks Evolution of Voit Threat, Prentiss' Struggle and a Season 17 F-Bomb 'Worth the Wait' (TVLine)
28-05-24 (01:36)   The Real-Life Legal Issues Of S.W.A.T. Star Shemar Moore, Explained (Looper)
25-05-24 (17:13)   #Fallout, #Bluey, #GreysAnatomy and #Family Guy are This Weeks Nielsen Top 20 Streaming Chart *Updated 25th May 2024* (Spoiler TV)
21-05-24 (19:59)   A Fan Asked Paget Brewster What It Was Like To Land Criminal Minds Role, And She Sweetly Compared It To Friends (Cinemabled)
21-05-24 (02:45)   Shemar Moore Celebrates S.W.A.T.'s Surprise Season 8 Renewal With A Cool BTS Video For The 'Fam' (Cinemabled)
20-05-24 (15:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution: Season Two Trailer and Poster Unveiled for Paramount+ Series (TVSeriesfinale.com)
17-05-24 (02:46)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Trailer, Key Art Unveiled Ahead Of Next Month's Bow (Deadline.com)
16-05-24 (19:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Gets Hannibal Lecter-Esque in New Season Trailer (TV Fanatic)
16-05-24 (19:42)   'Criminal Minds Evolution' Season 2 Trailer - The BAU Strikes a Deal With a Killer (Collider)
16-05-24 (19:10)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 Trailer: It Takes a Killer to Catch a Killer (Variety)
12-05-24 (19:45)   After Shemar Moore Revealed S.W.A.T's Finale Wasn't Changed Due To Show's Uncancelation, His Co-Star Explained Why That Was The Right Choice (Cinemabled)
10-05-24 (19:13)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 Trailer The BAU Faces Its Biggest Threat Yet (Collider)
08-05-24 (13:51)   S.W.A.T. Star Shemar Moore Revealed The One Thing He Doesn't Want For The Show (Looper)
05-05-24 (15:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution: Season Two — Has the Paramount+ TV Series Been Cancelled or Renewed? (TVSeriesfinale.com)
05-05-24 (15:43)   SWAT: Shemar Moore Teases Finale Episode and Characters' Possible Returns in Season Eight (TVSeriesfinale.com)
05-05-24 (00:45)   S.W.A.T.'s Been Uncanceled, But Shemar Moore Said The Finale Is Going To Be A Banger Anyway Since They Thought It Was The End: 'We Were Smart' (Cinemabled)
04-05-24 (17:28)   Paget Brewster Just Confirmed Criminal Minds: Evolution Was Wrapping Filming, And Now We Already Have A Season 2 Release Date (Cinemabled)
04-05-24 (16:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution: Season Two Premiere Date, Photos, and Poster Released by Paramount+ (TVSeriesfinale.com)
04-05-24 (00:46)   Shemar Moore Talks 'S.W.A.T' Finale & Possible Return Of Kenny Johnson And Alex Russell (Deadline.com)
03-05-24 (21:32)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Sets Season 2 Premiere Date At Paramount+; First-Look Photos (Deadline.com)
03-05-24 (19:59)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 Image Elias Wants Revenge (Collider)
03-05-24 (19:57)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Gets Return Date, Teaser Art (TV Fanatic)
03-05-24 (19:10)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Sets Season 2 Premiere Date at Paramount+ (Variety)
03-05-24 (18:49)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Sets Season 2 Premiere Date, Releases First Photos (TVLine)
28-04-24 (10:14)   Florida real estate agent discovers creepy dungeon hidden behind a door in home: 'Something from Criminal Minds' (New York Post)
28-04-24 (01:36)   Shemar Moore Explained Why He Called Out CBS For Canceling S.W.A.T. In That Viral Video (Looper)
24-04-24 (20:55)   All About Shemar Moore's Daughter Frankie (People.com)
24-04-24 (18:59)   'Mama, I Hope I Made You Proud': Shemar Moore Gets Real About Turning 54 With A Little One At Home (Cinemabled)
24-04-24 (16:55)   Shemar Moore Is Soaking Up Every Moment with Daughter Frankie, 15 Months: 'My Little Miracle' (Exclusive) (People.com)
24-04-24 (03:36)   S.W.A.T. Season 7 Finale Plot Details Spell Trouble For Shemar Moore's Hondo (Looper)
22-04-24 (22:55)   Shemar Moore Shares His Pride and Gratitude as S.W.A.T. Secures Season 8: 'I'm Not Done Being Hondo' (Exclusive) (People.com)
21-04-24 (20:28)   Shemar Moore Got Real About CBS Renewing S.W.A.T. For Season 8 After Canceling It, And It's Not All Rainbows And Butterflies (Cinemabled)
17-04-24 (00:05)   Shemar Moore's Reaction To The S.W.A.T. Season 8 Renewal Is Perfect (Looper)
14-04-24 (21:28)   This Twisted 'Criminal Minds' Killer Was Straight Out of a Saw Movie (Collider)
13-04-24 (18:36)   Shemar Moore May Have Predicted S.W.A.T.'s Surprise Season 8's Renewal (Looper)
13-04-24 (04:22)   Shemar Moore Would Return To One TV Series After S.W.A.T. Ends (Looper)
12-04-24 (23:42)   18 Creepiest 'Criminal Minds' Episodes That Will Forever Haunt Viewers (Collider)
11-04-24 (22:14)   Shemar Moore Called It: S.W.A.T. Was Just Saved From Cancellation Yet Again, And He Shared An Extremely Grateful Response (Cinemabled)
11-04-24 (03:02)   Shemar Moore Is Open to 'Young and the Restless' Return When 'S.W.A.T' Ends (TV Insider)
06-04-24 (03:03)   S.W.A.T.'s Kenny Johnson: A Longtime Friendship With Shemar Moore Helped Fuel Luca's Emotional Farewell (TVLine)
02-04-24 (16:00)   Criminal Minds: Evolution: Season Two; Felicity Huffman to Guest on Paramount+ Series as Previously Unseen Spouse (TVSeriesfinale.com)
02-04-24 (04:14)   Following Hulu's Death And Other Details Cancellation, Here's What The Cast And EPs Told Us About Working With The 'Legend' Mandy Patinkin (Cinemabled)
02-04-24 (02:05)   Felicity Huffman's Criminal Minds: Evolution Role Has A Huge Link To An OG Character (Looper)
02-04-24 (00:45)   Now That Criminal Minds: Evolution Will Dig Into Jason Gideon's Past With Felicity Huffman, Here's What I Hope Happens (Cinemabled)
01-04-24 (20:02)   Felicity Huffman Joins 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' in First Major Role After College Admissions Scandal (TV Insider)
01-04-24 (19:59)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Casts Felicity Huffman as Long-Unseen Character (Collider)
01-04-24 (19:29)   Felicity Huffman to Guest Star on 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' as Gideon's Ex (TheWrap.com)
01-04-24 (19:10)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 Casts Felicity Huffman as Jason Gideon's Ex-Wife (Variety)
01-04-24 (19:03)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Casts Felicity Huffman (Deadline.com)
01-04-24 (19:03)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Casts Felicity Huffman as Gideon's [Spoiler] (TVLine)
01-04-24 (00:36)   Why CBS Canceled Shemar Moore's SWAT - And How It Was Saved (Looper)
31-03-24 (01:42)   10 Best 'Criminal Minds' Quotes, Ranked (Collider)
30-03-24 (17:36)   What Happened To Mandy Patinkin's Jason Gideon On Criminal Minds? (Looper)
29-03-24 (23:03)   Death and Other Details Cancelled After One Season at Hulu (TVLine)
22-03-24 (16:17)   Johnny Depp Denies Abuse Claims by 'Blow' Co-star Lola Glaudini (Newsmax)
21-03-24 (14:53)   Johnny Depp responds to accusations he was verbally abusive to 'Blow' co-star Lola Glaudini (FOX News)
20-03-24 (15:33)   Johnny Depp Responds to Claim From Lola Glaudini That He Berated Her While Filming 'Blow' (Hollywood Reporter)
20-03-24 (13:59)   Johnny Depp's Rep Responds After Blow Co-Star Lola Glaudini Says He Hurled F-Bombs At Her On Set (Cinemabled)
20-03-24 (04:49)   Johnny Depp's Rep Responds to Lola Glaudini's Claim He Berated Her on 'Blow' Set (AceShowbiz.com)
20-03-24 (02:17)   Johnny Depp Responds After 'Blow' Co-Star Lola Glaudini Accuses Actor Of Verbal Abuse (Deadline.com)
19-03-24 (23:41)   'Blow' Actor Lola Glaudini Says Johnny Depp Berated Her on Set and Called Her a 'F—ing Idiot'; Depp's Rep Says He 'Always Prioritizes Good Working Relationships' (Variety)
16-03-24 (15:59)   Evan Peters Starred in One of the Most Disturbing 'Criminal Minds' Episodes (Collider)
08-03-24 (05:44)   Shows that have been "Missing" for over a Year *Updated 7th March 2024* (Spoiler TV)
17-02-24 (03:02)   Did 'S.W.A.T.' Just Kill Off [Spoiler] in Final Season Premiere? Shemar Moore Teases Drama Ahead (TV Insider)
13-02-24 (17:31)   'S.W.A.T.': Shemar Moore on Married Hondo's Softer Side, Plus Will Chris Return? (TV Insider)
13-02-24 (16:36)   Shemar Moore's Criminal Minds: Evolution Return Depends On One Thing (Looper)
09-02-24 (17:02)   Will Shemar Moore Return to 'Criminal Minds' in 'Evolution'? 'All I Need Is an Invitation' (TV Insider)
09-02-24 (00:59)   S.W.A.T.'s Shemar Moore Thinks The CBS Drama May Continue Despite Cancellation, And His Reason Makes Sense (Cinemabled)
08-02-24 (19:45)   Shemar Moore Talks 'S.W.A.T.' Ending: 'Maybe It's the Final Season, Maybe It's Not' (TV Insider)
07-02-24 (15:02)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Star Ryan-James Hatanaka Upped to Series Regular For Season 2 (TV Insider)
06-02-24 (22:32)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Ups Ryan-James Hatanaka To Series Regular For Upcoming Season (Deadline.com)
24-01-24 (22:15)   Explore 12 Top-Rated Criminal Minds T-Shirts, Mugs & Memorabilia For Die-Hard Fans (Game Rant)
24-01-24 (00:43)   'Death and Other Details' star Violett Beane reveals Mandy Patinkin's 'sweet' advice: 'Make sure you're proud' (New York Post)
18-01-24 (16:28)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Star Reveals Surprising Exit, And I'm Hoping That Paves The Way For Matthew Gray Gubler's Return As Reid (Cinemabled)
18-01-24 (13:56)   Death And Other Details Cast & Character Guide - Who Else Stars In Mandy Patinkin's Murder Mystery (Screen Rant)
17-01-24 (23:13)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 — Josh Stewart Exits (Collider)
17-01-24 (22:17)   'Criminal Minds' Veteran Josh Stewart Says He Won't Be Returning For The Upcoming Season Of 'Evolution' (Deadline.com)
17-01-24 (22:16)   'Criminal Minds' Longtime Star Exits 'Evolution': What Does This Mean for JJ? (TV Insider)
17-01-24 (21:20)   Criminal Minds Vet Josh Stewart 'Sadly' Announces His Exit — What Does This Mean for JJ's Husband Will? (TVLine)
17-01-24 (20:03)   Criminal Minds Back-to-Work Photo Confirms [Spoiler]'s Return (TVLine)
16-01-24 (19:38)   'Death and Other Details' Review: Diet Murder Mystery Ensemble Will Have You Begging for the Real Thing (IndieWire)
16-01-24 (16:24)   Hulu's 'Death and Other Details' Is Intriguing but Countless Characters and Bizarre Clues Cause Confusion: TV Review (Variety)
16-01-24 (00:47)   'Death and Other Details' Review: Mandy Patinkin Stars in a Hulu Mystery Series That's Too Much of a So-So Thing (Hollywood Reporter)
12-01-24 (22:28)   'Death and Other Details' Review — Mandy Patinkin Is All That Matters (Collider)
09-01-24 (17:11)   Matthew Gray Gubler Reunites With Former Criminal Minds Villain In Sweet Image (Screen Rant)
05-01-24 (18:37)   Thinner: Scream Factory Blu-ray of Stephen King adaptation includes new Joe Mantegna commentary (JoBlo.com)
03-01-24 (21:02)   'Death and Other Details' Trailer: Mandy Patinkin Probes Cruise Ship Murder Mystery (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
03-01-24 (20:28)   'Death and Other Details' Trailer — Mandy Patinkin Hunts for a Killer (Collider)
30-12-23 (02:28)   Shemar Moore Gave His Great Grandmother A Blanket With His Face On It For Christmas, And Her Reaction Was Priceless (Cinemabled)
29-12-23 (17:02)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution': Gold Star, MIA Agents & More Burning Questions (TV Insider)
25-12-23 (21:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2's "Deeper Secrets" Teased By Aisha Tyler (Screen Rant)
21-12-23 (17:33)   Mandy Patinkin and Wife Kathryn Grody on their Insanely Intimate Family Dramedy That Showtime Shelved (Hollywood Reporter)
13-12-23 (23:56)   Archer Series Finale Interview: Aisha Tyler On Lana's Leadership Position, Effective Ending & Criminal Minds Future (Screen Rant)
12-12-23 (17:03)   Daytime Emmys: Shemar Moore To Present Lifetime Achievement Award, Jennifer Nettles To Perform (Deadline.com)
21-11-23 (15:56)   All 15 Seasons Of Criminal Minds, Ranked Worst To Best (Screen Rant)
20-11-23 (14:42)   Criminal Minds: 20 Best Spencer Reid Episodes (Screen Rant)
17-11-23 (16:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 - Cast, Story, & Everything We Know (Screen Rant)
15-11-23 (16:42)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Season 2 Eyes Early 2024 Filming Date (Collider)
15-11-23 (16:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Episode Count Confirmed (Screen Rant)
14-11-23 (22:17)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' To Return To Production In January, Says Star Paget Brewster (Deadline.com)
14-11-23 (20:45)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' to Start Filming New Season in January (TV Insider)
14-11-23 (18:12)   Criminal Minds Production to Resume Soon at "Breakneck Pace," Teases Paget Brewster (TV Fanatic)
14-11-23 (17:20)   Criminal Minds Season 17 to Begin Production at 'Breakneck Pace' in January (TVLine)
13-11-23 (13:56)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Filming Start Plan Revealed By Star In Excited Post (Screen Rant)
10-11-23 (19:45)   At Least One Criminal Minds Cast Member Is 100% Ready To Get Back To Work After The Strikes Ended (Cinemabled)
10-11-23 (18:18)   This fake video game in Criminal Minds led banned players to hijack a schoolbus and I'm fascinated (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
09-11-23 (20:28)   'Death and Other Details' Images — Mandy Patinkin Is the World's Best Detective (Collider)
09-11-23 (16:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Gets Positive Update Following Tentative Strike End (Screen Rant)
08-11-23 (15:00)   Barbra Streisand claims Mandy Patinkin wanted to have an affair: He made my life 'miserable' (New York Post)
01-11-23 (15:25)   8 Criminal Minds Cast Members Who Left The Show Early (& Why) (Screen Rant)
29-10-23 (15:59)   Friends Guest Stars Selma Blair And Paget Brewster Plus Many Other Celebrities Paid Tribute To Matthew Perry Hours After His Death (Cinemabled)
29-10-23 (05:20)   Selma Blair, Mira Sorvino, Paget Brewster and More 'Brokenhearted' by Matthew Perry's Sudden Death (AceShowbiz.com)
29-10-23 (03:24)   Paget Brewster, Selma Blair and More Mourn 'Friends' Star Matthew Perry: 'You Sweet, Troubled Soul' (Variety)
27-10-23 (01:15)   Amber Heard's Criminal Minds Character, Explained (Game Rant)
26-10-23 (17:11)   Why Criminal Minds Ended After Season 15 (Was It Canceled?) (Screen Rant)
22-10-23 (00:25)   How Much Matthew Gray Gubler Was Paid For Criminal Minds (Screen Rant)
19-10-23 (14:36)   Criminal Minds: You Can Watch Episodes For Free Online - But There's A Catch (Looper)
14-10-23 (15:36)   A Major Criminal Minds Character Might Return For Evolution Season 2 After All (Looper)
12-10-23 (17:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Does Not Need Spencer Reid & It's Better Without Him (Looper)
06-10-23 (23:25)   Criminal Minds Evolution Season 2 Update Removes 1 Big Spencer Reid Return Obstacle (Screen Rant)
04-10-23 (17:59)   'Criminal Minds Evolution' — Could Matthew Gray Gubler Return? (Collider)
04-10-23 (17:42)   'Criminal Minds Evolution' Season 2 - Everything We Know So Far (Collider)
04-10-23 (15:42)   Criminal Minds: Matthew Gray Gubler Finally Addresses Evolution Return Chances (Screen Rant)
03-10-23 (16:05)   Criminal Minds: The Staggering Amount Of Episodes Kirsten Vangsness Has Done (Looper)
03-10-23 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which of the following is your favorite law enforcement/investigative television show with five seasons or more? (Spoiler TV)
30-09-23 (04:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 & 22 Other TV Writers Rooms Set Returns After WGA Strike Finally Ends (Screen Rant)
27-09-23 (19:12)   Luke Macfarlane and Kirsten Vangsness Plot a Murder in Exclusive First Look at Amish Stud: The Eli Weaver Story (TV Fanatic)
24-09-23 (22:22)   Criminal Minds: Who Plays Tyler Green? (Looper)
23-09-23 (22:22)   The Criminal Minds Character You Likely Forgot Mae Whitman Played (Looper)
22-09-23 (15:03)   Luke Macfarlane's Amish Stud Plots to Kill His Wife in Exclusive Sneak Peek at Lifetime Movie — Watch (TVLine)
19-09-23 (03:56)   Criminal Minds' Garcia & Reid Actors Reunite To Celebrate Matthew Gray Gubler's Book (Screen Rant)
17-09-23 (14:51)   The Criminal Minds Character You Likely Forgot Amber Heard Played (Looper)
16-09-23 (03:15)   Tim Curry's Criminal Minds Character, Explained (Game Rant)
13-09-23 (14:22)   Criminal Minds Revealed Spencer Reid's Astrological Sign - But There's A Problem (Looper)
12-09-23 (21:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2: Cast, Premiere Date, Plot, and Everything Else There Is to Know (TV Fanatic)
10-09-23 (04:25)   Criminal Minds Star Expresses Hope For Show's Future (Even If She Can't Promote It Right Now) (Screen Rant)
07-09-23 (23:22)   Criminal Minds: The Best Episode Of The Series (So Far) According To IMDb (Looper)
06-09-23 (21:12)   Lifetime's Ripped From the Headlines Fall Slate Includes Sarah Drew, Kirsten Vangsness, Luke MacFarlane, and More! (TV Fanatic)
03-09-23 (11:22)   How Many Episodes Are In Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
01-09-23 (15:11)   SWAT Destroys 6-Year Hope For Shemar Moore's Iconic TV Character Return (Screen Rant)
29-08-23 (18:56)   8 Biggest Predictions For Criminal Minds Evolution Season 2 & Reid's Possible Return (Screen Rant)
28-08-23 (16:51)   Criminal Minds Always Portrays Local Police The Same Way & Fans Are Over It (Looper)
27-08-23 (09:22)   Joe Mantegna's Criminal Minds Instagram Reunion Has Fans In A Tizzy (Looper)
26-08-23 (20:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution - Zach Gilford Found Playing A Serial Killer Fun (Mostly) (Looper)
26-08-23 (12:22)   Criminal Minds: The Offensive Spencer Reid Line That Aged Horribly (Looper)
21-08-23 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which of these syndicated crime procedurals do you enjoy rewatching episodes of? (Spoiler TV)
20-08-23 (11:36)   Criminal Minds: Are Paget Brewster And Matthew Gray Gubler Friends In Real Life? (Looper)
19-08-23 (16:22)   Criminal Minds: Who Is Stephen Walker & How Did His Story End? (Looper)
18-08-23 (21:25)   Reid's Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Return Chances Just Went Up Thanks To Gubler Update (Screen Rant)
17-08-23 (03:11)   Criminal Minds Star Reunites With Matthew Gray Gubler After His Evolution Absence In Sweet Image (Screen Rant)
16-08-23 (23:28)   Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna Had An Adorable Reid-union With Matthew Grey Gubler, And JJ Would Totally Approve (Cinemabled)
16-08-23 (18:49)   Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna Just Gave Fans the Rossi/Reid Reunion They Needed (TVLine)
16-08-23 (05:05)   Where To Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
15-08-23 (19:45)   Paget Brewster Had A Sweet Comment For Her Former Criminal Minds Costar Matthew Gray Gubler And I Miss Them So Much (Cinemabled)
15-08-23 (00:34)   The S.W.A.T. Team, Including Two Alumni, Stays Liquid on Hollywood Picket Line — See Photos (TVLine)
12-08-23 (00:22)   Criminal Minds: Paget Brewster Claims Netflix Pays Pennies For Residuals (Looper)
11-08-23 (21:42)   6 Ways Criminal Minds Can Bring Spencer Reid Back In Evolution Season 2 (Screen Rant)
04-08-23 (21:51)   Criminal Minds: Could Hotch Return For Evolution After Strike Reunion? (Looper)
02-08-23 (19:56)   7 Criminal Minds Characters That Can Still Return In Evolution Season 2 (Screen Rant)
02-08-23 (02:28)   Criminal Minds Fans Want Hotch Back After Thomas Gibson Reunited With Producer On The Picket Line (Cinemabled)
31-07-23 (14:42)   Criminal Minds' Hotch Actor & Producer Reunite, Sparking Calls To Join Evolution Season 2 (Screen Rant)
30-07-23 (02:36)   Criminal Minds Cast Members Band Together For The SAG-AFTRA Strike Before Evolution S2 (Looper)
20-07-23 (23:25)   7 Biggest Criminal Minds Evolution Theories For What "Gold Star" Will Be In Season 2 (Screen Rant)
19-07-23 (19:25)   Shanola Hampton's Criminal Minds Character Explained (Screen Rant)
18-07-23 (15:56)   Criminal Minds Cast Reunites In New Photo To Support Actors Strike For Fair Pay (Screen Rant)
18-07-23 (05:14)   S.W.A.T. And Criminal Minds Star Shemar Moore Shares Inspirational Look At His Abs In His 40s Versus 50s: 'Dream Big!' (Cinemabled)
18-07-23 (00:31)   'Criminal Minds' Stars Kirsten Vangsness & Aisha Tyler on Actors & Writers Strikes: 'People's Livelihoods Are At Stake' (TV Insider)
12-07-23 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV 2023 Episode Competition - Day 1 - Round 1: Polls 1-4 (Spoiler TV)
12-07-23 (14:42)   15 Criminal Minds Episodes Based On Real Cases (Screen Rant)
10-07-23 (22:11)   Criminal Minds: Why Linda Barnes Promotes JJ Explained (Screen Rant)
06-07-23 (19:42)   Criminal Minds Completely Forgot About 2 Reid Love Interests (& 1 Could Have Been Great) (Screen Rant)
04-07-23 (23:02)   Michael Kelly Looks Back at 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior' Audition (TV Insider)
30-06-23 (01:49)   Mandy Patinkin Marriage Comedy, Gattaca Reboot Among Four Series Scrapped at Showtime (TVLine)
30-06-23 (00:46)   'Gattaca' Series Adaptation & Mandy Patinkin Comedy 'Seasoned' Scrapped At Showtime Along With Two Development Projects (Deadline.com)
30-06-23 (00:41)   'Gattaca' Series, Mandy Patinkin Show 'Seasoned' Among Projects Scrapped at Showtime (Variety)
30-06-23 (00:33)   'Gattaca' Reboot, Mandy Patinkin's 'Seasoned' Among 4 Shows Dropped at Showtime (Hollywood Reporter)
28-06-23 (20:56)   Criminal Minds: Are Shemar Moore And Kirsten Vangsness Friends In Real Life? (Screen Rant)
24-06-23 (20:42)   Jackson Rathbone's Criminal Minds Character Explained (Screen Rant)
24-06-23 (19:42)   Criminal Minds' Most Heartbreaking Episode Explained (Screen Rant)
23-06-23 (17:13)   2023 Character Cup - Round 2B (Spoiler TV)
22-06-23 (21:42)   Nathan Harris The Criminal Minds Character Explained (Screen Rant)
21-06-23 (21:11)   Criminal Minds' Peter Lewis Character Explained (Screen Rant)
21-06-23 (18:56)   JJ's Criminal Minds: Evolution Storyline Is More Important To Season 2 Than You Think (Screen Rant)
21-06-23 (17:13)   2023 Character Cup - Round 1D (Spoiler TV)
21-06-23 (14:13)   'Criminal Minds': 13 Now-Famous Actors That Played Unsubs on the Show (Collider)
20-06-23 (13:56)   Criminal Minds Fans Share Their Picks For Best Unit Chief (& There Are Two Frontrunners) (Screen Rant)
19-06-23 (21:56)   Kevin Lynch's Job On Criminal Minds Explained (Screen Rant)
18-06-23 (02:28)   Shemar Moore Sends Love To S.W.A.T. Fans As The Show Continues To Dominate On Netflix (Cinemabled)
16-06-23 (00:47)   "A Battle for Survival": Mandy Patinkin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sara Bareilles Join Writers Strike Rally in N.Y. (Hollywood Reporter)
12-06-23 (20:11)   Why Penelope Quit In Criminal Minds (Screen Rant)
11-06-23 (00:36)   What Happened To Matthew Gray Gubler After Criminal Minds? (Looper)
09-06-23 (22:59)   The Sweet Exchange Paget Brewster Had With A Criminal Minds Fan About Matthew Gray Gubler (Cinemabled)
29-05-23 (00:11)   15 Best Shows Like Criminal Minds (Screen Rant)
27-05-23 (14:22)   Criminal Minds: Why Was Reid In Prison? (Looper)
23-05-23 (18:11)   Matthew Lillard's Criminal Minds Character Explained (Screen Rant)
22-05-23 (20:03)   How I Met Your Father Sneak Peek: Sophie Needs Lori's Help to Find Her Dad in Season 2B Premiere (TVLine)
18-05-23 (04:11)   The 20 Best Criminal Minds Episodes, Ranked (Screen Rant)
15-05-23 (21:03)   'S.W.A.T.': Netflix To Stream Series Starring Shemar Moore (Deadline.com)
13-05-23 (23:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Update Makes Derek Morgan's Return More Likely (Screen Rant)
11-05-23 (00:46)   As You Wish: Mandy Patinkin Picket Sign Invokes 'Princess Bride' As He & Bob Odenkirk Support WGA Strike (Deadline.com)
10-05-23 (23:00)   Mandy Patinkin Spoofs 'Princess Bride' While Picketing With WGA Strikers in NYC: 'You Killed Residuals, Prepare to Pay!' (TheWrap.com)
10-05-23 (22:18)   Mandy Patinkin's Writers Strike Rant With 'Princess Bride' Sign Goes Viral (Hollywood Reporter)
09-05-23 (17:45)   Shemar Moore Reaches Out To The Fans Who 'Made Noise' And Led CBS To Un-Cancel S.W.A.T. (Cinemabled)
09-05-23 (03:56)   SWAT Season 7 Un-Cancelled By CBS After Shemar Moore's Candid Response (Screen Rant)
09-05-23 (02:32)   'S.W.A.T.' Star Shemar Moore, Creator Shawn Ryan React To Renewal News; "We Did It!" (Deadline.com)
09-05-23 (02:20)   Shemar Moore Cheers S.W.A.T.'s Stunning Resurrection: 'We Did It!' (TVLine)
09-05-23 (01:17)   'S.W.A.T.' Un-Canceled: Drama Starring Shemar Moore Resurrected At CBS With Season 7 Renewal - Update (Deadline.com)
09-05-23 (01:16)   'S.W.A.T.' Un-Canceled: Shemar Moore Drama Renewed for Final Season (TV Insider)
07-05-23 (19:11)   Why Paget Brewster's Emily Left Criminal Minds And Returned (Twice) (Screen Rant)
07-05-23 (17:26)   Shemar Moore Hits Out at CBS Following S.W.A.T. Cancellation: "It Makes No Sense" (TV Fanatic)
07-05-23 (00:41)   'S.W.A.T.' Star Shemar Moore Slams Series Cancellation as a 'F—ing Mistake' (Variety)
06-05-23 (21:18)   Shemar Moore Says "Canceling 'SWAT' Is a F***ing Mistake," Calls Out TV Diversity (Hollywood Reporter)
06-05-23 (20:43)   Shemar Moore Says CBS' Decision to Cancel 'S.W.A.T' 'Makes No Sense' (TheWrap.com)
06-05-23 (20:02)   Shemar Moore Blasts CBS Over 'S.W.A.T.' Cancellation: 'A F**king Mistake' (TV Insider)
06-05-23 (19:59)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Sets Blu-ray & DVD Release Date (Collider)
06-05-23 (18:49)   Shemar Moore Says Cancelling S.W.A.T. 'Makes No Sense,' Hopes CBS Will 'Realize They Made a Mistake' (TVLine)
06-05-23 (17:59)   Following S.W.A.T.'s Cancellation After 6 Seasons At CBS, Shemar Moore Spoke Out: 'It Makes No Sense' (Cinemabled)
06-05-23 (17:32)   'S.W.A.T.' Star Shemar Moore Shares Frustration About Drama's Cancellation: "We've Done Nothing Wrong. We Did Everything That Was Asked For" (Deadline.com)
06-05-23 (03:10)   'S.W.A.T.' Canceled at CBS After Six Seasons (Variety)
06-05-23 (03:03)   S.W.A.T. Cancelled After 6 Seasons (TVLine)
04-05-23 (19:11)   Criminal Minds: The Black Queen Explained (Screen Rant)
04-05-23 (04:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Filming Start Gets New Update Amid WGA Strike (Screen Rant)
27-04-23 (20:56)   Why Criminal Minds' BAU Didn't Ask Morgan To Help Free Reid From Jail (Screen Rant)
23-04-23 (00:25)   This Criminal Minds Actor Starred In Alvin And The Chipmunks (Screen Rant)
13-04-23 (23:42)   Prentiss Set Up Reid's Criminal Minds: Evolution Exit Six Years Ago (Screen Rant)
10-04-23 (19:02)   See Shemar Moore's Adorable Twinning Moment With Daughter Frankie (E! Online)
10-04-23 (04:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Zach Gilford Likens Filming To 'Bad Therapy Role-Playing' (Looper)
09-04-23 (22:51)   The Criminal Minds: Evolution Cancer Storyline That Was Taken From Real Life (Looper)
09-04-23 (19:45)   See Shemar Moore And His Baby Daughter 'Twinning' In Sweet Photos (Cinemabled)
07-04-23 (22:51)   Criminal Minds Fans Agree: It Falls Into The Procedural Trap Of Overused Lines (Looper)
07-04-23 (01:51)   Criminal Minds Fans Expand On Why Voit Is The Best Unsub (Looper)
05-04-23 (23:05)   Who Did Criminal Minds' Jayne Atkinson Play On Gossip Girl? (Looper)
05-04-23 (22:41)   Showtime Cancels 'Ziwe' After Two Seasons, Orders Mandy Patinkin's 'Seasoned' to Series; 'The Wood' TV Adaptation No Longer Moving Forward (Variety)
05-04-23 (20:33)   'Ziwe' Canceled as Showtime Orders Mandy Patinkin Comedy 'Seasoned' (Hollywood Reporter)
05-04-23 (16:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Joe Mantegna Didn't Expect Rossi's Wife To Die (Looper)
04-04-23 (17:56)   Criminal Minds Star Applauds Tragic Spencer Reid Evolution Absence Theory (Screen Rant)
02-04-23 (22:22)   What Drew Rachel Nichols To Criminal Minds' Ashley Seaver? (Looper)
01-04-23 (21:45)   Shemar Moore Is Taking A Break From Primetime To Return To His TV Roots, And I Love This For Him (Cinemabled)
31-03-23 (21:12)   Shemar Moore Revisits The Young and the Restless as S.W.A.T. Remains on the Bubble (TV Fanatic)
31-03-23 (20:03)   TVLine Items: Shemar Moore Visits Y&R, NCIS: LA Vet's New Role and More (TVLine)
31-03-23 (20:02)   Shemar Moore Sets 'Young & the Restless' Return for 50th Anniversary (TV Insider)
31-03-23 (18:03)   'The Young And The Restless' Brings Back Shemar Moore For Special Appearance (Deadline.com)
30-03-23 (19:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Can Fix Spencer Reid's Absence (Screen Rant)
25-03-23 (08:22)   How Joe Mantegna Behaves On Criminal Minds' Set, According To Rachel Nichols (Looper)
23-03-23 (18:05)   Criminal Minds Fans Are Tired Of The Recurring Overbearing Supervisor Storylines (Looper)
23-03-23 (16:56)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Cliffhanger Could Make 1 Hated Character Worse (Screen Rant)
23-03-23 (00:05)   Criminal Minds Fans Find The Upside To Matthew Gray Gubler's Absence In S16 (Looper)
23-03-23 (00:05)   Rachel Nichols Compared Joining Criminal Minds To Alias (Looper)
22-03-23 (17:05)   Zach Gilford's Criminal Minds Journey Was Helped By Midnight Mass (Looper)
22-03-23 (16:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's JJ & Will Could Face More Tragedy In Season 2, Warns Messer (Screen Rant)
22-03-23 (01:05)   One Criminal Minds Episode Holds Very Personal Meaning For Joe Mantegna (Looper)
21-03-23 (03:14)   Joe Mantegna Says He Was Shocked When Criminal Minds Got A Reboot: 'We Weren't Expecting It' (Cinemabled)
20-03-23 (15:42)   Why JJ Looked Different In Criminal Minds: Evolution Explained By Star (Screen Rant)
18-03-23 (22:22)   Whatever Happened To Elle Greenaway From Criminal Minds? (Looper)
17-03-23 (15:25)   Aaron Paul's Criminal Minds Role Explained (Screen Rant)
16-03-23 (01:22)   Criminal Minds' Josh Stewart Says Playing Will Became 'Second Nature' To Him (Looper)
15-03-23 (19:05)   Many Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Think The Show Still Works Despite Reid's Absence (Looper)
13-03-23 (23:51)   Jeanne Tripplehorn's Criminal Minds Introduction Taught A Hard Lesson (Looper)
13-03-23 (02:36)   11 Criminal Minds: Evolution Facts That Will Make You Feel Part Of The BAU (Looper)
12-03-23 (17:22)   Fans Agree About Why Criminal Minds: Evolution Is An Apt Title (Looper)
12-03-23 (01:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Showrunner Never Seriously Considered Killing Rossi (Looper)
11-03-23 (23:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution S1 Finale Has Fans Split On Who Came Through The Door (Looper)
08-03-23 (21:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Needs To Kill Off Rossi And We're Not Sorry (Looper)
07-03-23 (18:05)   The Parks And Recreation Star Who Played A Recurring Role On Criminal Minds (Looper)
06-03-23 (05:25)   How Criminal Minds: Evolution's JJ Story Was Influenced By Star's Life (Screen Rant)
06-03-23 (05:22)   Which Episode Of Criminal Minds: Evolution Did Joe Mantegna Direct? (Looper)
06-03-23 (04:22)   Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook Appreciates The Realism Of The Storylines (Looper)
05-03-23 (21:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Wasn't The First Time Zach Gilford's Wife Played His Partner (Looper)
04-03-23 (22:22)   Criminal Minds Showrunner Erica Messer Explains Why The Series Finale Was A Fitting Goodbye (Looper)
04-03-23 (21:36)   Early Roles The Cast Of Criminal Minds Probably Want You To Forget About (Looper)
04-03-23 (17:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Showrunner Calls Voit Their Own Hannibal Lecter (Looper)
04-03-23 (13:22)   Criminal Minds Actors You May Not Know Passed Away (Looper)
04-03-23 (04:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Zach Gilford Sees Elias As A Sympathetic Monster (Looper)
03-03-23 (17:22)   The Criminal Minds: Evolution Team's Love For Zach Gilford Led To An Extended Voit Storyline (Looper)
02-03-23 (13:05)   How A.J. Cook Felt When The Original Criminal Minds Ended (Looper)
26-02-23 (15:42)   6 Possibilities For Who Entered The Room In Criminal Minds' Finale (Screen Rant)
25-02-23 (21:05)   Criminal Minds Showrunner Opens Up About Garcia's Romantic Future (Looper)
24-02-23 (17:51)   Criminal Minds Showrunner Justifies That Season 15 Finale Casualty (Looper)
24-02-23 (16:56)   Criminal Minds: Evolution May Have Finally Set Up Spencer Reid's Return (Screen Rant)
24-02-23 (02:05)   Who Plays Ellie Spicer In Criminal Minds? (Looper)
24-02-23 (00:36)   Zach Gilford Got Solid Advice On How To Play A Serial Killer For Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
23-02-23 (23:22)   Why Criminal Minds: Evolution's Erica Messer Doesn't Want To See Prentiss Get Promoted Anytime Soon (Looper)
23-02-23 (19:05)   Paget Brewster's Work On Criminal Minds Isn't What She Gets Recognized For The Most (Looper)
23-02-23 (15:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Was Right To Avoid Its Biggest Season 1 Death Tease (Screen Rant)
23-02-23 (00:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Aisha Tyler On The Realism Of Tara's Love Life (Looper)
22-02-23 (21:36)   Criminal Minds Fans Agree That Knowing This Trivia Means You're In Too Deep (Looper)
22-02-23 (20:36)   Joe Mantegna's Real-Life Daughter Had An Interesting Role On Criminal Minds (Looper)
22-02-23 (19:22)   Paget Brewster Loved This Rossi-Specific Criminal Minds Episode In Season 12 (Looper)
22-02-23 (03:05)   Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook And Josh Stewart Liked Playing A Couple So Much That They Did It Twice (Looper)
21-02-23 (22:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Makes Your Garvez Dreams Possible Again (Screen Rant)
18-02-23 (17:05)   Penelope's Desk On Criminal Minds Is Covered In Gifts From Kirsten Vangsness' Fans (Looper)
18-02-23 (12:44)   Criminal Minds - Dead End (season finale) - Review (Spoiler TV)
18-02-23 (05:51)   Zach Gilford Auditioned For Criminal Minds 15 Years Before Booking Evolution's Elias (Looper)
16-02-23 (04:22)   The Criminal Minds Cast Treated Adam Rodriguez Like An Old Friend When He Replaced Shemar Moore (Looper)
15-02-23 (20:56)   Garcia's Actor Is Right About Criminal Minds: Evolution's Ended Romance (Screen Rant)
14-02-23 (21:36)   A.J. Cook Struggled With Her Criminal Minds Story Between Seasons 14 And 15 (Looper)
14-02-23 (21:11)   Criminal Minds Evolution's Gold Star Mystery Perfectly Sets Up Season 2 (Screen Rant)
14-02-23 (02:22)   Who Was Criminal Minds' Harry Bring? (Looper)
13-02-23 (19:09)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Theories: What is Gold Star? (Den of Geek)
13-02-23 (18:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Star Was Happy Garcia & Tyler's Romance Ended (Screen Rant)
13-02-23 (18:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1's Ending Explained (Looper)
13-02-23 (17:59)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Showrunner Reveals How Garcia's Love Life Will Stay 'Complicated' Next Season (Cinemabled)
11-02-23 (17:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Will Feature THAT Divisive New Character (Screen Rant)
11-02-23 (16:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Was Never A Hard Sell For A.J. Cook (Looper)
11-02-23 (16:03)   The TVLine Performer of the Week: James Roday Rodriguez (TVLine)
11-02-23 (02:28)   Shemar Moore Honors His Late Mother In Heartfelt Post With His Newborn: 'Momma's Dream Is Now Reality' (Cinemabled)
11-02-23 (00:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Will Have More Alvez & Garcia Romance (Screen Rant)
10-02-23 (23:03)   Shemar Moore Introduces His Newborn Daughter to Late Mom as They Visit Her Grave (AceShowbiz.com)
10-02-23 (17:02)   Shemar Moore Brings His "Miracle" Baby Girl to Visit His Mom's Grave (E! Online)

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