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27-01-23 (18:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are Completely Stunned By How Much Henry Has Grown (Looper)
26-01-23 (15:36)   Joe Mantegna Has No Problem Jumping In And Out Of Character On Criminal Minds: Evolution - Exclusive (Looper)
26-01-23 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Forget Me Knots (TV Fanatic)
26-01-23 (12:27)   Criminal Minds - Season 16 - Open Discussion + Poll *Updated 26th January 2023* (Spoiler TV)
26-01-23 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which of the following is your favorite television revival? (Spoiler TV)
26-01-23 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 26th January 2023 (Spoiler TV)
26-01-23 (11:09)   Why Criminal Minds Shuffles its Cast So Frequently (Den of Geek)
26-01-23 (10:27)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 26th January 2023 (Spoiler TV)
26-01-23 (07:34)   Shemar Moore Gives First Look at Newborn Daughter (AceShowbiz.com)
25-01-23 (21:13)   Criminal Minds - What Doesn't Kill Us - Review (Spoiler TV)
25-01-23 (18:22)   Matthew Gray Gubler Says Criminal Minds' Spencer Reid Was Originally 'Like Data From Star Trek' (Looper)
25-01-23 (13:49)   Shemar Moore Welcomes First Child at Age 52: It's a Baby Girl (AceShowbiz.com)
24-01-23 (22:13)   #GlassOnion , #JackRyan, #Wednesday and #TheRecruit are This Weeks Nielsen Top 20 Streaming Chart *Updated 24th January 2023* (Spoiler TV)
24-01-23 (13:51)   Why Criminal Minds' Kate Callahan Was Perfect For Jennifer Love Hewitt (Looper)
24-01-23 (04:22)   How Criminal Minds' Paget Brewster Reacted To That Emily Prentiss Fake-Out Death (Looper)
23-01-23 (18:58)   Upcoming Finale Dates and Known Episodes Titles *Updated 23rd January 2023* (Spoiler TV)
22-01-23 (08:44)   Criminal Minds - Episode 16.08 - Forget Me Knots - Press Release (Spoiler TV)
22-01-23 (02:22)   Paget Brewster's Expertise Was More Than The Criminal Minds Casting Team Bargained For (Looper)
20-01-23 (21:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are Starting To See Bailey In A Different Light (Looper)
20-01-23 (20:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are Hopeful For A Matthew Gray Gubler Cameo After The Latest Reid Mention (Looper)
20-01-23 (19:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Showrunner Erica Messer Was Confident In Bringing The Show Back (Looper)
20-01-23 (17:11)   Who Did Evan Peters Play On Criminal Minds? (Screen Rant)
20-01-23 (16:25)   Garcia's Criminal Minds: Evolution Romance Has Fans Rioting (Screen Rant)
19-01-23 (17:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Unpredictable Storylines Reminded Joe Mantegna Of One Of His Favorite Comic Strips - Exclusive (Looper)
19-01-23 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 7 Review: What Doesn't Kill Us (TV Fanatic)
19-01-23 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 19th January 2023 (Spoiler TV)
18-01-23 (22:44)   Criminal Minds - True Conviction - Review (Spoiler TV)
18-01-23 (17:58)   Criminal Minds - Episode 16.07 - What Doesn't Kill Us - Press Release (Spoiler TV)
17-01-23 (15:25)   Criminal Minds Story Details Tease What Comes After Garcia's Kiss (Screen Rant)
16-01-23 (23:27)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 16th January 2023 (Spoiler TV)
15-01-23 (22:22)   Criminal Minds' Showrunner Doubted If Zach Gilford Would Agree To Play A Villain (Looper)
15-01-23 (03:22)   Criminal Minds Fans Are In Full Support Of Paget Brewster's Updated Look (Looper)
15-01-23 (02:11)   How Penelope Garcia Became The Unlikely Star Of Criminal Minds: Evolution (Screen Rant)
13-01-23 (22:36)   The Tyler And Garcia Kiss In Criminal Minds: Evolution Certainly Got Fans' Attention (Looper)
13-01-23 (19:36)   Paget Brewster Initially Only Wanted To Return As A Guest On Criminal Minds (Looper)
13-01-23 (19:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Finally Got The Jet Moment They've Been Waiting For (Looper)
13-01-23 (19:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Have Some Heated Words About Tara And Rebecca's Split (Looper)
13-01-23 (16:36)   Criminal Minds Star Joe Mantegna Loves That The Show Is Based On A Real-Life Organization (Looper)
12-01-23 (23:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 - What We Know So Far (Looper)
12-01-23 (20:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Renewed At Paramount+ (Screen Rant)
12-01-23 (19:55)   Paramount+ Renews Fan-Favorite "Criminal Minds: Evolution" (The Futon Critic)
12-01-23 (19:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Renewed at Paramount+ (TV Fanatic)
12-01-23 (19:29)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Ordered for Season 2 at Paramount+ (TheWrap.com)
12-01-23 (19:27)   Criminal Minds - Renewed for a 17th Season (Spoiler TV)
12-01-23 (19:24)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Renewed at Paramount+ (Variety)
12-01-23 (19:20)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Renewed at Paramount+ New Season Is Expected to Start Filming This Year (TVLine)
12-01-23 (19:17)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Renewed By Paramount+ (Deadline.com)
12-01-23 (17:36)   Showrunner Erica Messer Didn't Want Criminal Minds: Evolution To Come Across As The Sopranos - Exclusive (Looper)
12-01-23 (16:22)   Joe Mantegna Looks Back On The First Half Of Criminal Minds: Evolution - Exclusive Interview (Looper)
12-01-23 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 6 Review: True Conviction (TV Fanatic)
12-01-23 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 12th January 2023 (Spoiler TV)
12-01-23 (09:09)   The 10 Best Episodes of Criminal Minds (Den of Geek)
11-01-23 (14:58)   Criminal Minds - Episode 16.06 - True Conviction - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
11-01-23 (02:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Showrunner Was Dead Set On Doing A Continuation, Not A Spin-Off (Looper)
11-01-23 (01:36)   Criminal Minds Fans Tell Looper Which Character Deserves Their Own Spin-Off - Exclusive Survey (Looper)
10-01-23 (03:49)   Shemar Moore Expecting First Child With Longtime Girlfriend at 52: 'God Had My Back' (AceShowbiz.com)
08-01-23 (13:36)   Criminal Minds: Best Spencer Reid Episodes Ranked (Looper)
08-01-23 (00:04)   Every Season Of Criminal Minds, Ranked Worst To Best (SlashFilm)
06-01-23 (19:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Can Rest Assured That The BAU's Jet Will Be Making A Return (Looper)
06-01-23 (18:22)   How Moving Criminal Minds: Evolution To Paramount+ Changed The Show For The Better (Looper)
06-01-23 (14:42)   Criminal Minds Showrunner Confirms The Return Of A Major Element (Screen Rant)
06-01-23 (04:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Clip Reveals JJ's Fate After Explosion (Screen Rant)
06-01-23 (02:20)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Sneak Peek Teases the Awaited Return of [Spoiler] (TVLine)
03-01-23 (21:42)   Criminal Minds Showrunner Teases Reid's Absence Factors Into BAU's Case (Screen Rant)
03-01-23 (15:13)   Latest from TVLine - 3rd January 2023 - Various Shows (Spoiler TV)
03-01-23 (13:36)   Penelope Garcia's 10 Best Criminal Minds Moments Ranked By Technical Skill (Looper)
03-01-23 (06:25)   Criminal Minds Season 16 Star Teases Surprising Episode 9 (Screen Rant)
02-01-23 (04:25)   Criminal Minds TikTok Uses Anime Filter On Characters & It Looks GREAT (Screen Rant)
02-01-23 (00:13)   Performer Of The Month - Nominations For December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
31-12-22 (15:36)   Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Didn't Return To The Series For An Understandable Reason (Looper)
31-12-22 (13:44)   Show of the Year 2022 - Readers Mega Poll *Final Results* (Spoiler TV)
30-12-22 (13:36)   Criminal Minds' Unrealistic Dialogue Takes Fans Out Of The Scenes (Looper)
30-12-22 (01:11)   Gubler's Criminal Minds Reboot Absence Could Mean Reid Is In BIG Trouble (Screen Rant)
28-12-22 (22:51)   A.J. Cook Says The Swearing On Criminal Minds: Evolution Was Jolting (Looper)
28-12-22 (19:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Boss Erica Messer Explains How Her Paranoia Inspired The Unsub Network (Looper)
28-12-22 (04:11)   Every Episode Of Criminal Minds Ever Boiled Down Into One TikTok Video (Screen Rant)
27-12-22 (23:05)   Matthew Gray Gubler Says Criminal Minds Had An Incredibly Demanding Filming Schedule (Looper)
27-12-22 (20:14)   Mandy Patinkin has just 7 shows in 2023. Here's how to get tickets (New York Post)
25-12-22 (17:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Sets Up A Show Endgame (Screen Rant)
24-12-22 (20:51)   What Has Mandy Patinkin Been Doing Since Leaving Criminal Minds? (Looper)
23-12-22 (23:05)   Joe Mantegna Buried His Belief Of A Criminal Minds Reboot Until He Was Actually On Set (Looper)
20-12-22 (22:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are Stressed Over The Possibility Of A Fan-Favorite Character Having Cancer (Looper)
20-12-22 (21:36)   Why Benjamin Reeves From Criminal Minds: Evolution Looks So Familiar (Looper)
20-12-22 (20:42)   Criminal Minds Star Sends Gubler A Shout Out Amid Reid's Reboot Absence (Screen Rant)
20-12-22 (08:49)   'Criminal Minds' Producers Reach $3 Million Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case (AceShowbiz.com)
20-12-22 (06:05)   Joe Mantegna Thinks It Makes Sense That Rossi Pushes The Envelope In Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
20-12-22 (01:00)   'Criminal Minds' Producers to Pay $3 Million in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (TheWrap.com)
20-12-22 (00:46)   'Criminal Minds' Production Company Settles State Of California's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit For $3 Million (Deadline.com)
20-12-22 (00:41)   'Criminal Minds' Producers to Pay $3 Million to Settle Sexual Harassment Suit (Variety)
19-12-22 (14:32)   Is Virtual Product Placement Coming? 'NCIS', 'Friends' And 'Criminal Minds' Could Help Entertainment Firms Pocket $6.6BN Annual Revenue, Report Claims (Deadline.com)
16-12-22 (16:11)   Criminal Minds Midseason Finale Has Fans Worried For JJ & Luke (Screen Rant)
16-12-22 (01:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Joe Mantegna Says Anything Is Possible In Regards To A Spencer Reid Appearance (Looper)
15-12-22 (19:36)   The Criminal Minds Episode The Apprenticeship Hid References To The Bad News Bears In Plain Sight (Looper)
15-12-22 (17:51)   Kirsten Vangsness On What It's Like Being Back For Criminal Minds: Evolution - Exclusive (Looper)
15-12-22 (17:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Showrunner Erica Messer On Bringing The Show Back To Life - Exclusive Interview (Looper)
15-12-22 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Oedipus Wrecks (TV Fanatic)
15-12-22 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 15th December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
15-12-22 (04:51)   Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore Has A Favorite Compliment He Receives From Fans (Looper)
15-12-22 (02:22)   Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness Believes The Show's Supportive Cast Is The Key To Its Success (Looper)
14-12-22 (21:42)   Criminal Minds Still Has More To Reveal About JJ & Will Twist (Screen Rant)
14-12-22 (18:58)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 14th December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
14-12-22 (18:36)   Aisha Tyler On Why Directing The Walking Dead Was 'Much More Intense' Than Directing Criminal Minds - Exclusive (Looper)
14-12-22 (01:51)   A. J. Cook Admires The 'Streaming Version' Of Prentiss In Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
12-12-22 (01:25)   Criminal Minds Sets Up Spencer Reid's Return In The Worst Possible Way (Screen Rant)
09-12-22 (22:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are Absolutely Loving Zach Gilford's Murderous Role (Looper)
09-12-22 (20:44)   Criminal Minds - Episode 16.05 - Oedipus Wrecks - Press Release (Spoiler TV)
09-12-22 (17:56)   Criminal Minds JJ Actor Is Confident Matthew Gray Gubler Will Return (Screen Rant)
09-12-22 (05:11)   Criminal Minds Fans Are Distraught Over Episode 4 JJ & Will Twist (Screen Rant)
09-12-22 (02:51)   Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Admits He Scares Easily Despite His Brave On-Screen Persona (Looper)
08-12-22 (17:36)   Penelope Garcia On Criminal Minds: Evolution Is An 'Avatar To The Smart Girls,' According To Kirsten Vangsness - Exclusive (Looper)
08-12-22 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Pay-Per-View (TV Fanatic)
08-12-22 (14:22)   How James Garner Helped Inspire Joe Mantegna's Criminal Minds Character - Exclusive (Looper)
08-12-22 (13:05)   Criminal Minds Star AJ Cook Always Get Asked About The Definition Of Unsub (Looper)
08-12-22 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 8th December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
07-12-22 (23:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are On High Alert As Bailey Becomes More And More Suspicious (Looper)
07-12-22 (21:42)   Garcia Interrogates A Suspect In New Criminal Minds: Evolution Images (Screen Rant)
07-12-22 (20:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Showrunner Teases A Major Shift In Voit's Battle With The BAU (Looper)
07-12-22 (15:05)   Criminal Minds' Aisha Tyler Admires Tara Lewis' Workaholic Lifestyle - Exclusive (Looper)
07-12-22 (10:44)   Criminal Minds - Episode 16.04 - Pay-Per-View - Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
06-12-22 (18:27)   Recently Added Episode Titles - Various Shows - 6th December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
06-12-22 (16:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are Not Pleased With The Stale FBI Takedown Storyline (Looper)
06-12-22 (15:11)   Criminal Minds Evolution TikTok Video Compiles Scenes Of Agents Swearing (Screen Rant)
05-12-22 (17:12)   Erica Messer Talks Bringing Criminal Minds to Streaming, Breaks Down the Moose of It All (TV Fanatic)
04-12-22 (00:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution May Have Spoiled Voit's Dark Endgame (Screen Rant)
02-12-22 (23:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Can't Help But Notice Reid's Absence (Looper)
02-12-22 (18:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Just Revealed Its Secret & Real Villain (Screen Rant)
02-12-22 (16:13)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 2nd December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
02-12-22 (00:13)   Performer Of The Month - Nominations For November 2022 (Spoiler TV)
01-12-22 (21:54)   How Criminal Minds: Evolution Finally Deals With Mental Health (Den of Geek)
01-12-22 (19:22)   Are Kirsten Vangsness And Adam Rodriguez From Criminal Minds: Evolution Friends In Real Life? - Exclusive (Looper)
01-12-22 (17:22)   The Most Challenging Part Of Joe Mantegna's Criminal Minds: Evolution Return Is The Physicality - Exclusive (Looper)
01-12-22 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Moose (TV Fanatic)
01-12-22 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 1st December 2022 (Spoiler TV)
30-11-22 (23:56)   Criminal Minds' Tara Actor Directed Horror-Filled Evolution Episode 7 (Screen Rant)
30-11-22 (21:22)   How Long After Criminal Minds' Series Finale Does Criminal Minds: Evolution Take Place? (Looper)
30-11-22 (20:05)   Aisha Tyler Has A Soft Spot For Criminal Minds: Evolution Co-Star Joe Mantegna - Exclusive (Looper)
30-11-22 (19:51)   The Biggest Revelations In Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
30-11-22 (18:11)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Secretly Reveals When Gubler's Reid Will Return (Screen Rant)
29-11-22 (20:22)   A.J. Cook Nearly Walked Away From Criminal Minds: Evolution At News Of Matthew Gray Gubler's Absence (Looper)
29-11-22 (12:56)   Criminal Minds' JJ Almost Turned Down Evolution Without Spencer Reid (Screen Rant)
29-11-22 (06:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Joe Mantegna Appreciates Those Tense Rossi And Garcia Scenes (Looper)
29-11-22 (01:05)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are In Stitches Over Uncharacteristic Foul Language In The Series Premiere (Looper)
28-11-22 (23:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Has The Wrong Title (Looper)
28-11-22 (18:42)   Criminal Minds: What Your Favorite Character Says About You (Screen Rant)
28-11-22 (17:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Exec Relates Rossi's Grief To Everyone's Post-COVID Lives (Looper)
28-11-22 (17:03)   Criminal Minds: Zach Gilford Teases Deep Dive Into UnSub's Origin Story And Will Elias Himself Kill Again? (TVLine)
28-11-22 (15:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Rossi & Garcia Tension Addressed By Star (Screen Rant)
28-11-22 (02:56)   Where to Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution (Screen Rant)
28-11-22 (01:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Biggest Victim Is One Of BAU's Own Members (Screen Rant)
27-11-22 (17:25)   Criminal Minds Showrunner Addresses Penelope's Mysterious Pink Note (Screen Rant)
26-11-22 (18:03)   Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna Opens Up About Those Prickly Rossi/Garcia Scenes: 'That Takes Acting, Boy' (TVLine)
26-11-22 (02:03)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Aisha Tyler: Tara's New Relationship Will Affect Her Life in 'Specific and Surprising Ways' (TVLine)
25-11-22 (20:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Big Bad Sure Seems Inspired By This Terrifying Real-Life Killer (Looper)
25-11-22 (19:25)   Criminal Minds Reboot Is Already Doing 1 Thing Better Than The Original (Screen Rant)
25-11-22 (15:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Showrunner Fully Explains Spencer Reid Absence (Screen Rant)
25-11-22 (15:25)   Will Criminal Minds: Evolution Have More Seasons? Showrunner Responds (Screen Rant)
25-11-22 (13:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Premiere's Rossi Reveal Explained By Showrunner (Screen Rant)
24-11-22 (23:22)   Criminal Minds: Evolution's Massage Table Murder Mirrors A Real-Life Crime (Looper)
24-11-22 (22:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Cast & Character Guide (Screen Rant)
24-11-22 (20:22)   Who Is Israel Keyes, The Inspiration Behind Criminal Minds: Evolution's Main Unsub? (Looper)
24-11-22 (18:41)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Cast on David Rossi's Shocking Loss and Garcia's Romantic Future With Alvez (Variety)
24-11-22 (18:03)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution': Showrunner Erica Messer On Rossi's Trauma, Penelope's Pink Note, And All Those Bonus Expletives (Deadline.com)
24-11-22 (17:22)   What Song Does Penelope Garcia Play In Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
24-11-22 (17:03)   Criminal Minds: Kirsten Vangsness Talks Penelope/Luke Reveal Plus, Grade the Evolution Premiere (TVLine)
24-11-22 (15:25)   Criminal Minds Reboot Reveals What Happened To Matthew Gray Gubler's Reid (Screen Rant)
24-11-22 (15:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Series Premiere Review: Too Close to Home (TV Fanatic)
24-11-22 (11:22)   Why Rebecca Wilson Looks So Familiar On Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
24-11-22 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 24th November 2022 (Spoiler TV)
24-11-22 (07:22)   Who Plays Rory Gilcrest In Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
23-11-22 (20:05)   Paget Brewster Was Worried She Forgot How To Act When Prepping For Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
23-11-22 (17:57)   Criminal Minds: Evolution cast excited for move to Paramount+ (Digital Trends)
23-11-22 (17:36)   Joe Mantegna Sees Criminal Minds: Evolution As 'Icing On The Cake' - Exclusive (Looper)
23-11-22 (16:51)   Aisha Tyler On Reuniting With Her Criminal Minds Family For Criminal Minds: Evolution - Exclusive Interview (Looper)
23-11-22 (13:12)   Where to watch the show Criminal Minds: Evolution (Digital Trends)
23-11-22 (08:22)   Joe Mantegna Praises Criminal Minds: Evolution's Move From Network TV (Looper)
23-11-22 (07:05)   Penelope Garcia Will See More Action In Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
23-11-22 (05:51)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Star A. J. Cook Sees A Huge Benefit In The Streaming Format (Looper)
23-11-22 (02:42)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Video Reveals Episode 1's First Five Minutes (Screen Rant)
22-11-22 (23:12)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Premiere Sneak Peak Teases a Harrowing Search for a Network of Killers (TV Fanatic)
22-11-22 (19:44)   Criminal Minds - Season 16 - Promos *Updated 22nd November 2022* (Spoiler TV)
22-11-22 (19:25)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Cast Tease Characters' Differences From Show (Screen Rant)
22-11-22 (18:36)   David Rossi's 6 Best And 6 Worst Criminal Minds Moments Ranked (Looper)
22-11-22 (18:22)   Kirsten Vangsness On Portraying Penelope Garcia Again On Criminal Minds: Evolution - Exclusive Interview (Looper)
22-11-22 (17:12)   Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Kirsten Vangsness, and Zach Gilford Tease Criminal Minds: Evolution (TV Fanatic)
22-11-22 (17:05)   Why Ryan Tucker From Criminal Minds: Evolution Looks So Familiar (Looper)
22-11-22 (00:24)   'Criminal Minds' Reboot Is More Amber Fossil Than 'Evolution': TV Review (Variety)
21-11-22 (22:03)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Video: Cast Previews a Busted-Up BAU, Trips to 'Darker' Places and 'Prentiss 2.0' (TVLine)
21-11-22 (19:56)   Criminal Minds Evolution Details Tease JJ Storyline (Screen Rant)
21-11-22 (01:03)   How to Watch Criminal Minds: Evolution Revival Series, Streaming Soon (TVLine)
19-11-22 (17:12)   What to Watch: Welcome to Chippendales, Echo 3, Criminal Minds: Evolution (TV Fanatic)
18-11-22 (16:58)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 18th November 2022 (Spoiler TV)
17-11-22 (22:05)   Biggest Unanswered Questions From Criminal Minds (Looper)
17-11-22 (17:11)   Kirsten Vangsness Interview: Criminal Minds Evolution (Screen Rant)
17-11-22 (16:22)   Joe Mantegna On Stepping Back Into David Rossi's Shoes For Criminal Minds: Evolution - Exclusive Interview (Looper)
16-11-22 (16:11)   Zach Gilford Interview: Criminal Minds Evolution (Screen Rant)
16-11-22 (13:11)   Criminal Minds Reboot Clip Reveals First Look At BAU's New UnSub (Screen Rant)
16-11-22 (01:05)   Why Does Deputy Director Bailey Look So Familiar On Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
15-11-22 (21:36)   What Is The NCAVC On Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
15-11-22 (16:42)   Criminal Minds Reboot Is Trying Really Hard To Forget JJ & Reid's Romance (Screen Rant)
15-11-22 (16:42)   Aisha Tyler Interview: Criminal Minds Evolution (Screen Rant)
15-11-22 (01:56)   Criminal Minds Revival Adds New Character Spelling Trouble For The BAU (Screen Rant)
15-11-22 (00:36)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Pays Tribute To Mandy Patinkin's Gideon (Looper)
14-11-22 (21:05)   Is Spencer Reid In Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
14-11-22 (18:42)   How Criminal Minds' Move To Streaming Improves The Show (Screen Rant)
14-11-22 (18:42)   Joe Mantegna Interview: Criminal Minds Evolution (Screen Rant)
14-11-22 (18:42)   Criminal Minds' Garcia Actor Praises Her Conflicted Revival Arc (Screen Rant)
14-11-22 (18:42)   Criminal Minds Director Aisha Tyler Teases Expansive Revival Episode (Screen Rant)
14-11-22 (18:03)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Review: Deeper, Darker Revival Ain't Your Grandma's 42-Minute Procedural (TVLine)
14-11-22 (07:25)   Criminal Minds Revival Story Details Tease Luke, Garcia & JJ's Arcs (Screen Rant)
14-11-22 (04:36)   Why Does Elias Voit Look So Familiar On Criminal Minds: Evolution? (Looper)
12-11-22 (00:32)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Adds Nicole Pacent In Recurring Role (Deadline.com)
11-11-22 (19:58)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 11th November 2022 (Spoiler TV)
11-11-22 (01:25)   Criminal Minds: Every Episode Matthew Gray Gubler Directed, Ranked (Screen Rant)
10-11-22 (18:25)   Criminal Minds Reboot Confirms Who BAU's Most Important Character Is (Screen Rant)
10-11-22 (16:36)   Who Played Sydney Manning On Criminal Minds? (Looper)
08-11-22 (22:05)   Why Criminal Minds' Intense Subject Matter Doesn't Bother Joe Mantegna (Looper)
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04-11-22 (21:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution trailer exposes a serial killer network (Digital Trends)
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04-11-22 (18:36)   Paramount+ Drops The First Trailer For Criminal Minds: Evolution (Looper)
04-11-22 (17:40)   Video: Paramount+ Drops Official Trailer for "Criminal Minds: Evolution" (The Futon Critic)
04-11-22 (16:56)   Criminal Minds Evolution Trailer Reveals BAU's Biggest Case Yet (Screen Rant)
04-11-22 (16:26)   Criminal Minds Revival Releases Chilling First Trailer (TV Fanatic)
04-11-22 (16:10)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Trailer: Joe Mantegna and the Team Tackle Biggest Case Yet in Reboot Series (Variety)
04-11-22 (16:03)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Drops Chilling Trailer Before Drama's Debut On Paramount+ (Deadline.com)
04-11-22 (16:03)   Paramount+'s Criminal Minds Revival Releases a Truly Bone-Chilling Trailer First Episode Will Also Air on CBS (TVLine)
02-11-22 (22:25)   Criminal Minds: 10 Best Emily Prentiss Episodes (According to IMDb) (Screen Rant)
02-11-22 (13:25)   Criminal Minds: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Series (Screen Rant)
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31-10-22 (17:10)   Pluto TV Tripling CBS On-Demand Content Including 'Criminal Minds,' Will Add 'Frasier,' 'Cheers,' 'Star Trek' and More on Linear Streaming (Variety)
29-10-22 (03:25)   Criminal Minds: 10 Things The Reboot Needs To Include (Screen Rant)
26-10-22 (15:03)   'Homeland' Star Mandy Patinkin To Narrate Podcast On Jews In Germany (Deadline.com)
23-10-22 (00:22)   The Criminal Minds Cast Didn't Hesitate To Roast Paget Brewster's Many Bloopers (Looper)
21-10-22 (20:25)   The Criminal Minds Revival Cannot Replace Reid, But That's Okay (Screen Rant)
21-10-22 (09:58)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 21st October 2022 (Spoiler TV)
20-10-22 (01:25)   Criminal Minds Season 16 UnSub Identity Confirmed In Eerie New Poster (Screen Rant)
19-10-22 (20:27)   Criminal Minds - Episode 16.01 - 16.02 - Promotional Photos, Promotional Poster + Premiere and Finale Dates *Updated 19th October 2022* (Spoiler TV)
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18-10-22 (19:36)   Shemar Moore Casts Doubt On A Criminal Minds Return (Looper)
18-10-22 (13:11)   Morgan's Criminal Minds Revival Return Chances Addressed By Star (Screen Rant)
16-10-22 (14:56)   C. Thomas Howell's Movie & TV Roles: Where You Know The Criminal Minds Star (Screen Rant)
14-10-22 (20:56)   Is It Time For Criminal Minds To Bring Hotch Back? Should It? (Screen Rant)
13-10-22 (00:51)   How Criminal Minds' Writers Used A South Park Episode For Inspiration (Looper)
12-10-22 (18:22)   12 Things Fans Want To See In The Criminal Minds Reboot (Looper)
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05-10-22 (05:51)   The She's All That Star You Forgot Appeared On Criminal Minds (Looper)
02-10-22 (22:22)   The Inspiration For Penelope Garcia's Wardrobe On Criminal Minds Might Surprise You (Looper)
01-10-22 (09:27)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - September 2022 (Spoiler TV)
29-09-22 (19:51)   Matthew Gray Gubler's Best Criminal Minds Episodes Ranked By Intelligence (Looper)
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21-09-22 (19:26)   "Criminal Minds: Evolution" Will Premiere with Two Episodes on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 24, Exclusively on Paramount+ (The Futon Critic)
21-09-22 (18:49)   Criminal Minds Revival Gets November Release Date on Paramount+ (TVLine)
21-09-22 (18:46)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Announces Premiere Date On Paramount+ (Deadline.com)
21-09-22 (18:43)   'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Will Debut in November on Paramount+ (TheWrap.com)
21-09-22 (18:43)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Premiere Date Announced by Paramount+ (TV Fanatic)
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09-09-22 (21:40)   Paramount+ Announces Official Title for "Criminal Minds," "Criminal Minds: Evolution," and Taps Zach Gilford as Recurring Guest Star (The Futon Critic)
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09-09-22 (20:26)   Criminal Minds: Evolution Reveals The BAU's Greatest Threat Yet is ... Zach Gilford! (TV Fanatic)
09-09-22 (20:00)   'Criminal Minds' Revival on Paramount+ Finally Gets a Name - and a New 'Friday Night Lights' Guest Star (TheWrap.com)
09-09-22 (19:55)   'Criminal Minds' Revival at Paramount+ Sets Official Title and Casts Zach Gilford (Variety)
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28-08-22 (18:11)   Where Was Criminal Minds Filmed: All Locations (Screen Rant)
26-08-22 (23:11)   Criminal Minds Already Set Up Reid's Dark UnSub Theory In The Revival (Screen Rant)
26-08-22 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which of the following is the most problematic procedural franchise? (Spoiler TV)
26-08-22 (02:22)   Criminal Minds: How Reid's IQ Compares To Other Geniuses (Looper)
24-08-22 (20:05)   Criminal Minds Fans' Favorite Agent Duo Is Exactly Who You Would Think (Looper)
23-08-22 (20:12)   10 Disturbing Criminal Minds Episodes That Still Fuel Our Nightmares (TV Fanatic)
19-08-22 (18:20)   Criminal Minds Returns to Netflix, Seven Weeks After Surprising Removal (TVLine)
19-08-22 (14:25)   Criminal Minds Reboot Has Already Retconned Its Finale (Screen Rant)
19-08-22 (14:25)   Criminal Minds Season 16 Has A Good Reason To Not Include Spencer Reid (Screen Rant)
18-08-22 (13:42)   Criminal Minds Reboot: Reid's Exit Seemingly Confirmed In New Photo (Screen Rant)
18-08-22 (06:25)   Criminal Minds Set Video Teases Returning BAU Agents (Screen Rant)
15-08-22 (17:03)   In Mindhack you can literally change criminal minds. But should you? (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-08-22 (14:25)   Criminal Minds: Matt Spicer's Death Explained (& Who Killed Him) (Screen Rant)
15-08-22 (13:25)   Criminal Minds Star Teases Reboot With BAU's Signature Phrase (Screen Rant)
13-08-22 (14:25)   Which Criminal Minds Episode Hotch's Wife Is Killed (& By Who) (Screen Rant)
13-08-22 (01:13)   2022 Character Cup - Winner and Wrap-Up (Spoiler TV)
12-08-22 (15:25)   Criminal Minds: Why Lola Glaudini's Elle Greenaway Left In Season 2 (Screen Rant)
12-08-22 (03:51)   How Paget Brewster Really Feels About The Criminal Minds Reboot Without Matthew Gray Gubler (Looper)
12-08-22 (00:25)   Why Thomas Gibson Was Fired From Criminal Minds (Screen Rant)
10-08-22 (17:44)   2022 Character Cup - Finale! (Spoiler TV)
09-08-22 (20:26)   Criminal Minds Revival First Look: Paget Brewster Introduces "Sassier" Prentiss (TV Fanatic)
09-08-22 (18:31)   Criminal Minds' Paget Brewster Embraces Her Grays in New Photo (E! Online)
09-08-22 (16:11)   Criminal Minds Reboot First Image Shows Prentiss' New Look (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (06:17)   Paget Brewster Shares First Look At "Slightly Older, Sassier" Prentiss In 'Criminal Minds' Revival (Deadline.com)
09-08-22 (02:49)   Criminal Minds' Paget Brewster Reveals Her 'Sassier' New Look for Revival (TVLine)
08-08-22 (21:13)   2022 Character Cup - Final Four (Spoiler TV)
08-08-22 (02:22)   The Criminal Minds Character That Made Fans Laugh The Most (Looper)
07-08-22 (19:27)   2022 Character Cup - Round 4 (Spoiler TV)
06-08-22 (15:12)   Paget Brewster on Hypochondriac and returning to Criminal Minds (Digital Trends)
05-08-22 (22:12)   Criminal Minds Spoilers: Everything We Know About the Revival (TV Fanatic)
05-08-22 (20:22)   Paget Brewster On Why She Supports Matthew Gray Gubler's Choice Not To Join The Criminal Minds Revival - Exclusive (Looper)
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03-08-22 (19:05)   Hypochondriac's Paget Brewster Says Her Criminal Minds Character Emily Prentiss Is 'Embedded In Me' - Exclusive (Looper)
03-08-22 (04:42)   Criminal Minds: 10 Main Characters Ranked By Bravery | ScreenRant (Screen Rant)

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