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13-05-21 (19:44)   Weekly Nielsen Streaming Charts *Updated 13th May 2021 - The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and NCIS Top The Charts* (Spoiler TV)
13-05-21 (01:36)   The Criminal Minds Show You Had No Idea Existed (Looper)
12-05-21 (23:36)   What Criminal Minds Fans Think About Paget Brewster's Response To The Revival (Looper)
12-05-21 (17:51)   The Real Reason Reid Started Wearing Glasses In Criminal Minds (Looper)
12-05-21 (15:36)   The Transformation Of Matthew Gray Gubler From Childhood To Criminal Minds (Looper)
12-05-21 (02:22)   The Criminal Minds Awards Show You Didn't Know Matthew Gray Gubler Hosts (Looper)
11-05-21 (23:05)   Here's How Much Matthew Gray Gubler Is Actually Worth (Looper)
11-05-21 (21:05)   The One Character Criminal Minds Fans Want To See In The Revival (Looper)
11-05-21 (03:51)   How Criminal Minds Influenced A Real-Life Crime (Looper)
11-05-21 (03:22)   These Criminal Minds Stars Have A Special Relationship Behind The Scenes (Looper)
11-05-21 (00:36)   The Friends Connection You Never Noticed In Criminal Minds (Looper)
10-05-21 (15:05)   The Surprising Connection Between Criminal Minds And The Beatles (Looper)
09-05-21 (19:05)   The Female Character That Criminal Minds Fans Love To Hate (Looper)
08-05-21 (22:05)   The Hidden Connection Between Criminal Minds And Ghost Whisperer (Looper)
07-05-21 (22:36)   The Reid Decision That Has Criminal Minds Fans Rewatching This Episode (Looper)
07-05-21 (18:22)   What Only Hardcore Criminal Minds Fans Noticed About The Pilot And The Series Finale (Looper)
07-05-21 (14:14)   Shows that have been "Missing" for over a Year *Updated 7th May 2021* (Spoiler TV)
06-05-21 (23:05)   The Cameo You Didn't Realize Matthew Gray Gubler's Dad Had On Criminal Minds (Looper)
06-05-21 (17:05)   Where Criminal Minds Is Filmed Might Surprise You (Looper)
05-05-21 (21:22)   What Only Hardcore Criminal Minds Fans Know About Cognitive Interviews (Looper)
05-05-21 (20:36)   The Criminal Minds Guest Star Who Stole From Shemar Moore (Looper)
05-05-21 (19:22)   The Unpopular Opinion Some Criminal Minds Fans Have About This Character (Looper)
05-05-21 (01:22)   The Only Time Thomas Gibson Received The Starring Credit On Criminal Minds (Looper)
04-05-21 (20:51)   The Member In Criminal Minds That Was Only Supposed To Be In One Episode (Looper)
04-05-21 (18:36)   This Character In Criminal Minds Has Family Ties Behind The Scenes (Looper)
04-05-21 (16:22)   Dr. Reid Has This Surprising Phobia On Criminal Minds (Looper)
04-05-21 (01:05)   The Best Time Spencer Reid Ever Broke Character On Criminal Minds (Looper)
03-05-21 (17:36)   What Criminal Minds Gets Wrong About The BAU Team (Looper)
02-05-21 (16:51)   The Role Everyone Forgets Joe Mantegna Had In The Sopranos (Looper)
30-04-21 (14:51)   These Criminal Minds Characters Are Friends In Real Life (Looper)
30-04-21 (00:51)   The Character Mistake You Never Knew About Reid On Criminal Minds (Looper)
29-04-21 (19:51)   The Hidden Connection Between Criminal Minds And The Young And The Restless (Looper)
29-04-21 (03:51)   The Criminal Minds Victim Who Was More Important Than You Think (Looper)
29-04-21 (02:05)   The Real Reason Garcia's Hair Turns Red In Criminal Minds (Looper)
29-04-21 (01:05)   This Is The Only Main Character To Die On Criminal Minds (Looper)
29-04-21 (00:36)   The Real-Life Family You Never Noticed In Criminal Minds (Looper)
29-04-21 (00:36)   The Transformation Of Paget Brewster From Childhood To Criminal Minds (Looper)
27-04-21 (19:05)   The Real Reason Garcia Does Community Theater In Criminal Minds (Looper)
26-04-21 (19:51)   The Biggest Change In Criminal Minds Over The Years (Looper)
26-04-21 (19:36)   What You Didn't Notice About Criminal Minds Opening Credits (Looper)
25-04-21 (23:05)   The Hidden Detail About Reid That You Missed On Criminal Minds (Looper)
23-04-21 (18:36)   Criminal Minds Was Almost Named Something Entirely Different (Looper)
23-04-21 (17:22)   The Cast Injury You Didn't Realize Was Written Into Criminal Minds (Looper)
20-04-21 (01:51)   The Criminal Minds Show You Didn't Even Know You Were Missing (Looper)
19-04-21 (04:22)   The Hidden Detail About Gods Of Combat On Criminal Minds (Looper)
16-04-21 (18:22)   What Criminal Minds Gets Wrong About Applying To The BAU (Looper)
16-04-21 (16:51)   The Real Reason Haley Hotchner Had To Wear A Wig In Criminal Minds (Looper)
15-04-21 (19:17)   'Grey's Anatomy', 'Criminal Minds' Lead Library Revival Atop Nielsen U.S. Streaming Chart; 'Yes Day' Stays Upbeat (Deadline.com)
14-04-21 (18:22)   The Reason Thomas Gibson Left Criminal Minds (Looper)
10-04-21 (16:05)   What Criminal Minds Gets Wrong About Profilers (Looper)
10-04-21 (03:36)   The Character Everyone Forgets Mark Hamill Played On Criminal Minds (Looper)
09-04-21 (18:51)   Tobias' Multiple Personalities From Criminal Minds Explained (Looper)
08-04-21 (00:36)   Why David Rossi's First Appearance In Criminal Minds Means More Than You Think (Looper)
06-04-21 (22:51)   The Casting Detail You Missed At Harrison Scott's Funeral In Criminal Minds (Looper)
06-04-21 (14:26)   Criminal Minds Revival: Who's Coming Back? (TV Fanatic)
05-04-21 (04:05)   The Transformation Of Kirsten Vangsness From Childhood To Criminal Minds (Looper)
05-04-21 (00:22)   What Criminal Minds Gets Wrong About BAU Consulting (Looper)
04-04-21 (23:36)   The Real Reason The Main Characters In Criminal Minds Have Dark Pasts (Looper)
01-04-21 (16:36)   The Truth About What Criminal Minds Gets Wrong About Profiling (Looper)
31-03-21 (18:51)   What Criminal Minds Gets Wrong About Catching Criminals (Looper)
27-03-21 (21:05)   The Transformation Of A.J. Cook From Childhood To Criminal Minds (Looper)
24-03-21 (17:51)   The Best Criminal Minds Episode, According To IMDb (Looper)
16-03-21 (21:56)   Mandy Patinkin: After 10 Years of Untold Suffering, the War in Syria Needs to End (RollingStone.com)
15-03-21 (00:36)   The Only Criminal Minds Character In Every Episode (Looper)
05-03-21 (23:16)   Mandy Patinkin Joins Season 5 of The Good Fight (E! Online)
05-03-21 (20:58)   The Good Fight - Season 5 - Mandy Patinkin Joins Cast (Spoiler TV)
05-03-21 (20:58)   With Broadway Shuttered, Mandy Patinkin Joins The Good Fight (Vulture)
05-03-21 (20:14)   Mandy Patinkin Joins 'The Good Fight' Season 5 at Paramount+ (TheWrap.com)
05-03-21 (19:36)   The Shemar Moore Action Hidden Gem Series You Can Find On Hulu (Looper)
05-03-21 (19:20)   Mandy Patinkin Joins The Good Fight Season 5 as Highly Unqualified Judge (TVLine)
05-03-21 (19:03)   Mandy Patinkin Joins 'The Good Fight' For Season 5 (Deadline.com)
05-03-21 (16:05)   The Derek Morgan Moment That Criminal Minds Fans Absolutely Love (Looper)
04-03-21 (16:51)   The Criminal Minds Character That Fans Don't Miss At All (Looper)
03-03-21 (17:36)   The Character Arc That Criminal Minds Fans Like To Ignore (Looper)
02-03-21 (23:03)   Emmy & Tony Winner Mandy Patinkin Signs With ICM Partners (Deadline.com)
01-03-21 (10:13)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - February 2021 (Spoiler TV)
26-02-21 (00:29)   Why Paramount+ Is Reviving 'Criminal Minds' - Just One Year After CBS Cancellation (TheWrap.com)
25-02-21 (21:24)   TV Ratings: 'Criminal Minds,' 'Fate: The Winx Saga,' 'Bridgerton' Towered Over Series on Weekly Nielsen Streaming Lists (Variety)
25-02-21 (19:46)   'Criminal Minds' Knocks 'Bridgerton' From Top Of Latest Nielsen Weekly Streaming Rankings (Deadline.com)
25-02-21 (00:43)   Criminal Minds Revival Ordered at Paramount+ (TV Fanatic)
25-02-21 (00:34)   Criminal Minds: Paramount+ Revival to Track One Case Over Entire Season (TVLine)
25-02-21 (00:27)   Criminal Minds - Renewed for a 16th Season (10 Episodes) at Paramount+ (Spoiler TV)
25-02-21 (00:03)   'Criminal Minds': Paramount+ Lays Out Plan To Revive Procedural Franchise (Deadline.com)
24-02-21 (23:29)   Paramount+ Adds 'Criminal Minds' Companion Docuseries With Upcoming Revival (TheWrap.com)
24-02-21 (22:32)   'The Real Criminal Minds' Docuseries In Works At Paramount+ (Deadline.com)
23-02-21 (19:36)   Criminal Minds: The Real Reason Hotch Went To Pakistan (Looper)
22-02-21 (03:22)   Why Rossi's Line About The BAU In Criminal Minds Means More Than You Think (Looper)
20-02-21 (21:22)   Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far (Looper)
20-02-21 (19:13)   Paramount+ Has a Mind to Revive Criminal Minds a Year After Its Finale on CBS (Vulture)
20-02-21 (01:05)   It Looks Like Criminal Minds Is Getting A Revival (Looper)
19-02-21 (22:46)   'Criminal Minds' Revival In Early Development At Paramount+ (Deadline.com)
19-02-21 (22:43)   Fanatic Feed: Criminal Minds to Return! Plus, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Starz, Amazon Prime & More News! (TV Fanatic)
19-02-21 (22:00)   'Criminal Minds' Revival in Early Development at Paramount+ (TheWrap.com)
19-02-21 (21:41)   'Criminal Minds' Revival in the Works at Paramount Plus (Variety)
19-02-21 (21:34)   Criminal Minds Revival In Early Development at Paramount+ (TVLine)
18-02-21 (23:22)   The Truth About The BAU That Only Hardcore Criminal Minds Fans Know (Looper)
18-02-21 (17:17)   Harry Bring Dies: 'Criminal Minds', 'The X-Files' Producer Was 77 (Deadline.com)
18-02-21 (16:43)   Harry Bring, Producer on 'Criminal Minds,' 'Army Wives' and 'X-Files,' Dies at 77 (TheWrap.com)
18-02-21 (16:10)   Harry Bring, 'Criminal Minds' and 'X-Files' Producer, Dies at 77 (Variety)
15-02-21 (04:05)   How Criminal Minds Fans Really Feel About Reid And JJ's Relationship (Looper)
15-02-21 (03:05)   The Real Reason This Criminal Minds Storyline Was Dropped (Looper)
13-02-21 (12:13)   USD POLL : Who is your favorite TV character named Alex? (Spoiler TV)
11-02-21 (21:05)   The Criminal Minds Character That Fans Hate Even More Than Strauss (Looper)
11-02-21 (03:05)   The Morgan Moment That Criminal Minds Fans Have A Problem Watching (Looper)
11-02-21 (00:05)   More Than 25% Of People Wish This Criminal Minds Character Never Left The Show (Looper)
10-02-21 (05:05)   Why Hotch Fans Are Divided On This Criminal Minds Character (Looper)
08-02-21 (00:05)   Why This Reid Moment Still Doesn't Make Sense To Criminal Minds Fans (Looper)
01-02-21 (01:51)   The Strange Reid Relationship That Divides Criminal Minds Fans (Looper)
30-01-21 (21:29)   Mandy Patinkin, Lena Dunham to Star in 'Iron Box' From 'And Tomorrow the Entire World' Director (TheWrap.com)
30-01-21 (18:24)   Mandy Patinkin, Lena Dunham to Star in German Oscar Entry Helmer Julia von Heinz's 'Iron Box' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
30-01-21 (16:36)   The Criminal Minds Episodes That Consistently Break Fans' Hearts (Looper)
28-01-21 (18:05)   The One State That Criminal Minds Fans Think The Show Gives A Bad Rap (Looper)
27-01-21 (21:36)   The Criminal Minds Season That Divides Fans Isn't What You Think (Looper)
26-01-21 (20:05)   The JJ Moment That Criminal Minds Fans Love To Watch (Looper)
21-01-21 (03:05)   The Cringe-Worthy Rossi Lines That Criminal Minds Fans Love To Hate (Looper)
19-01-21 (18:51)   What You Never Noticed About Rossi's First Scene In Criminal Minds (Looper)
15-01-21 (20:22)   The Shameless star you forgot played an unsub in Criminal Minds (Looper)
13-01-21 (14:41)   Nielsen says people mostly streamed old network shows, not new releases (Engadget)
13-01-21 (03:51)   The unexpected Criminal Minds relationship fans really wanted to see (Looper)
09-01-21 (14:51)   The Criminal Minds episode detail that explains Hotch's marriage (Looper)
08-01-21 (02:05)   Which Criminal Minds episodes were backdoor pilots for spin-off shows? (Looper)
07-01-21 (20:24)   'The Office' Outduels 'The Mandalorian' in Nielsen's Streaming Top 10 (Variety)
06-01-21 (19:36)   The haunting Criminal Minds episode that was based on a real tragedy (Looper)
05-01-21 (19:22)   The truth about the Schrodinger Equation from Criminal Minds (Looper)
04-01-21 (03:28)   'Homeland' Star Mandy Patinkin Dances in TikTok Video to Promote Georgia Democrats (Breitbart.com)
04-01-21 (01:51)   The real life black widow killer behind Aubrey Plaza's Criminal Minds unsub (Looper)
04-01-21 (00:36)   Criminal Minds fans agree this is the show's most underrated character (Looper)
03-01-21 (22:05)   The real-life person that inspired two of Criminal Minds' beloved agents (Looper)
02-01-21 (18:22)   The Criminal Minds unsubs that fans actually find sympathetic (Looper)
31-12-20 (19:51)   Here's why this Criminal Minds star's website is disappearing (Looper)
31-12-20 (01:51)   This is when Criminal Minds fans think the show lost its magic (Looper)
29-12-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Who were your favorite characters on Criminal Minds? (Spoiler TV)
28-12-20 (22:05)   The only state Criminal Minds never visited (Looper)
26-12-20 (14:36)   The controversial Criminal Minds pairing that has the fanbase divided (Looper)
25-12-20 (01:34)   S.W.A.T.'s Shemar Moore Reveals COVID Diagnosis, Says 'I Will Be OK' (TVLine)
25-12-20 (01:32)   Shemar Moore, Star Of CBS Drama 'S.W.A.T.', Has Covid-19 (Deadline.com)
24-12-20 (22:20)   Shemar Moore Diagnosed With Covid-19 After Initially Thinking He Had Food Poisoning (AceShowbiz.com)
24-12-20 (22:05)   Why Reid never became Unit Chief according to Criminal Minds fans (Looper)
24-12-20 (18:22)   The Boston Reaper plothole that still bothers Criminal Minds fans (Looper)
23-12-20 (22:05)   This is why Criminal Minds fans are so divided on Gideon (Looper)
23-12-20 (20:36)   The Criminal Minds episodes that fans always skip on a rewatch (Looper)
22-12-20 (17:51)   The sad Criminal Minds episode that no fan should skip on rewatches (Looper)
17-12-20 (22:51)   The Criminal Minds unsubs you didn't know were based on real killers (Looper)
17-12-20 (00:51)   The disturbing Criminal Minds episode that upsets Canadian fans (Looper)
16-12-20 (23:22)   The Criminal Minds character fans have missed since season 2 (Looper)
15-12-20 (14:03)   Noah Jupe, Benedict Wong, Pixie Davies, Sian Clifford, Brian Tyree Henry & Mandy Patinkin Among All-Star Voice Cast For Netflix Animation 'The Magician's Elephant' (Deadline.com)
10-12-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which was your favorite series finale of 2020? (Spoiler TV)
06-12-20 (20:22)   Criminal Minds fans weigh in on the most iconic team on the show (Looper)
05-12-20 (16:36)   The morbid reason why Criminal Minds fans are inspecting their homes (Looper)
29-11-20 (20:51)   The Criminal Minds season that's too creepy for fans to watch (Looper)
25-11-20 (19:11)   'RS Interview: Special Edition' With Mandy Patinkin (RollingStone.com)
17-11-20 (17:36)   Here's what Criminal Minds gets wrong about interrogations (Looper)
15-11-20 (20:05)   How Kirsten Vangness really felt while filming Criminal Minds' final season (Looper)
13-11-20 (17:36)   Joe Mantegna on Criminal Minds, The Simpsons, and more - Exclusive interview (Looper)
11-11-20 (20:51)   Things you never noticed in the first episode of Criminal Minds (Looper)
09-11-20 (20:51)   The Hotch moment that makes Criminal Minds fans bawl (Looper)
06-11-20 (23:51)   Joe Mantegna on his relationship with Peter Falk and being a TV detective - Exclusive (Looper)
03-11-20 (21:51)   The Spencer Reid scenes Criminal Minds fans can't stop rewatching (Looper)
01-11-20 (11:30)   10 Things You Didn't Know about Lola Glaudini (TVOvermind)
29-10-20 (01:36)   The Criminal Minds Unit Chief fans loved the most (Looper)
28-10-20 (15:22)   The entire Criminal Minds timeline explained (Looper)
28-10-20 (00:51)   The Reid mystery that Criminal Minds fans still want solved (Looper)
27-10-20 (16:22)   The Criminal Minds character with the highest kill count (Looper)
23-10-20 (23:22)   The Criminal Minds character that fans can't agree on (Looper)
22-10-20 (23:36)   The Criminal Minds character that fans like the least (Looper)
22-10-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : What is the best long running TV show to get through confinement? (Spoiler TV)
20-10-20 (19:36)   The Criminal Minds scene that fans can't stop rewatching (Looper)
19-10-20 (16:51)   What Joe Mantegna wants fans to know about Criminal Minds - Exclusive (Looper)
15-10-20 (22:22)   The Spencer Reid moment that Criminal Minds fans love (Looper)
13-10-20 (20:22)   Joe Mantegna on why Rossi's ending was such a surprise on Criminal Minds - Exclusive (Looper)
07-10-20 (20:22)   Why these Criminal Minds moments meant so much to Joe Mantegna - Exclusive (Looper)
07-10-20 (15:59)   'Homeland' Star Mandy Patinkin Teams Up with Swing Left to Create Anti-Trump Campaign Videos (Breitbart.com)
07-10-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : What is your favorite CBS police procedural from 2019-2020? (Spoiler TV)
06-10-20 (21:00)   'Homeland' Actor Mandy Patinkin Encourages People to Vote - With a Little Help From His Wife (TheWrap.com)
06-10-20 (16:12)   Michael Mosley Teases neXt, Recalls Roles on Ozark, Castle, and Criminal Minds (TV Fanatic)
01-10-20 (23:14)   Watch: 'Homeland' Star Mandy Patinkin Unhinged -- Trump Debate Performance was 'Bestiality' (Breitbart.com)
30-09-20 (19:46)   Hollywood Reacts To Trump-Biden Debate: Mandy Patinkin Slams "Bestial" POTUS, 'Daily Show' Rips Moderator - More (Deadline.com)
28-09-20 (20:51)   The Rossi plot hole in Criminal Minds that bothers fans (Looper)
25-09-20 (00:51)   What the cast of Criminal Minds is doing now (Looper)
21-09-20 (01:51)   The real life cases that inspired Criminal Minds episodes (Looper)
20-09-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : What is the best long running US TV show (200+ episodes)? (Spoiler TV)
15-09-20 (15:26)   CBS All Access Rebranding as Paramount+, Criminal Minds Docuseries Ordered (TV Fanatic)
11-09-20 (18:24)   Julia von Heinz on Antifa, Donald Trump, Lena Dunham and Mandy Patinkin (Variety)
10-09-20 (20:11)   How Mandy Patinkin's Family Twitter Became a Vehicle for Change (RollingStone.com)
09-09-20 (23:51)   The Criminal Minds character that was in all but one episode (Looper)
09-09-20 (02:22)   Gideon vs Rossi: Who do Criminal Minds fans like more? (Looper)
04-09-20 (19:13)   Mandy Patinkin Baffled by the Friends Theme Song (Vulture)
18-08-20 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2020 - Day 5 - Agents of SHIELD vs. The Librarians & Outlander vs. Criminal Minds (Spoiler TV)
06-08-20 (20:36)   The real reason AJ Cook left Criminal Minds (Looper)
06-08-20 (02:05)   The real reason Lola Glaudini left Criminal Minds (Looper)
04-08-20 (21:41)   'S.W.A.T.' Star Shemar Moore Sells L.A. Home at a Loss (Variety)
31-07-20 (17:25)   Celebs Are (Still) Bored: Mandy Patinkin Vanquishes His Wife's Overflowing Inbox (RollingStone.com)
29-07-20 (20:22)   The real reason Rachel Nichols left Criminal Minds (Looper)
29-07-20 (00:05)   The real reason Jeanne Tripplehorn left Criminal Minds (Looper)
18-07-20 (20:44)   2020 Character Cup - Round 2B (Spoiler TV)
17-07-20 (20:05)   Moments in Criminal Minds that didn't age well (Looper)
16-07-20 (23:36)   The real reason why Damon Gupton left Criminal Minds (Looper)
16-07-20 (04:28)   8 Shows That You Should Watch if You Like Criminal Minds (TVGuide.com)
16-07-20 (01:44)   2020 Character Cup - Round 1D (Spoiler TV)
13-07-20 (18:10)   'Homeland' Cast and Developers Discuss the Making of the Explosive Series Finale (Variety)
10-07-20 (03:28)   8 Shows Like Criminal Minds That You Should Watch if You Like Criminal Minds (TVGuide.com)
09-07-20 (15:27)   Throwback Thursday - Criminal Minds - Penelope (Spoiler TV)
08-07-20 (06:58)   2020 Character Cup - Ranking Polls (Spoiler TV)
01-07-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which TV show do you feel deserved an alternate ending? (Spoiler TV)
29-06-20 (19:13)   SpoilerTV Staff's Unpopular TV Opinions (Spoiler TV)
27-06-20 (15:22)   The real reason Paget Brewster left Criminal Minds (Looper)
17-06-20 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV 2020 Episode Competition - Day 3 - Round 1: Polls 9-12 (Spoiler TV)
12-06-20 (20:51)   Criminal Minds storylines that fans hated (Looper)
09-06-20 (18:20)   Moniece Slaughter Responds to Shemar Moore Dating Rumors (AceShowbiz.com)
30-05-20 (02:42)   Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook Says the Idea of JJ and Reid Still Makes Her Nervous (TVGuide.com)
28-05-20 (11:04)   California Files Suit Against Popular Show 'Criminal Minds' Over Director of Photography's 'Intimidating and Offensive' Sexual Harassment (Fstoppers)
28-05-20 (01:20)   'Criminal Minds' Bosses Sued for Allegedly Condoning Sexual Misconduct (AceShowbiz.com)
27-05-20 (14:58)   Disney, CBS, and Criminal Minds Execs Sued for Sexual Harassment on Set (Vulture)
27-05-20 (05:03)   Disney's ABC Studios Vows To "Vigorously" Fight 'Criminal Minds' Sexual Harassment Suit By Golden State Agency; Still Nothing From CBS - Update (Deadline.com)
27-05-20 (00:59)   Disney, CBS Sued over Alleged Sexual Harassment on 'Criminal Minds' Set (Breitbart.com)
26-05-20 (22:00)   Disney, CBS Sued Over Sexual Harassment on 'Criminal Minds' Set by California Agency (TheWrap.com)
26-05-20 (21:12)   California Hits Disney & CBS With Criminal Minds Sexual Harassment Suit (TV Fanatic)
26-05-20 (20:18)   California Authorities Bring Suit Against 'Criminal Minds' Team for "Unchecked" Sexual Harassment (Hollywood Reporter)
26-05-20 (19:41)   Disney, CBS Sued Over 'Criminal Minds' Sexual Harassment by California Department of Fair Employment (Variety)
19-05-20 (13:16)   Young and the Restless Winters Week: Get to Know Shemar Moore (TVOvermind)
18-05-20 (19:40)   WE tv Celebrates 15th Anniversary of "Criminal Minds" with Bingeable Summer-Long Marathons (The Futon Critic)
11-05-20 (23:11)   Celebs Are Bored: Mandy Patinkin Learns How to Tweet (RollingStone.com)
11-05-20 (21:44)   Mandy Patinkin Contemplates Mortality and GIFs From Inside His Cabin (Vulture)
11-05-20 (21:22)   The Criminal Minds episode that predicted streaming culture (Looper)
05-05-20 (18:36)   When will Netflix update with season 13 through 15 of Criminal Minds? (Looper)
27-04-20 (09:41)   'Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration' Sends In the A-Team with Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christine Baranski and Dozens More (Variety)
27-04-20 (04:17)   'Homeland' Series Finale: Co-Creator Alex Gansa On The Final Twist, Potential Revival, Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin & The Story They Never Got To Tell (Deadline.com)
25-04-20 (23:03)   Homeland Almost 'De-Aged' Mandy Patinkin for 1986 Flashbacks, But Took Cue From Criminal Minds Instead (TVLine)
24-04-20 (20:41)   'Homeland': 5 Lingering Questions For Carrie Mathison's Last Mission (Variety)
23-04-20 (15:51)   The most chilling episode of Criminal Minds ever (Looper)
20-04-20 (22:51)   The truth about Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan's relationship on Criminal Minds (Looper)
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14-01-20 (01:11)   Homeland's Mandy Patinkin Calls Trump's Attacks on CIA 'a Contagion and Cancer' (TVGuide.com)
14-01-20 (01:03)   'Homeland' Final Season "Fuses Carrie With Brody"; Mandy Patinkin Slams Trump Administration's Intelligence Policy - TCA (Deadline.com)
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